September 08,2023

Dry air improves the working and safety conditions of ice cream factories

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

In the front room and control door of the refrigeration and refrigeration room, the climate is a mixture of fresh air and cold air generated from the entrance of the refrigeration and refrigeration area

Atomization occurs when moist fresh air is mixed and condensed with cold air from refrigeration equipment. This atomization causes traffic problems for forklifts. This problem increases during high outdoor humidity in summer. Meanwhile, the frost on the plastic strip hanging at the door poses a danger to forklift traffic. Poor visibility may result in forklift accidents

In refrigerated warehouses, condensation often leads to slippery floors, posing another potential safety hazard for pedestrians and forklift drivers

The issues of fog, frost, and condensation are daily events of Hjem A/S, with the main resources being diverted in an attempt to limit the mechanical deicing of ground ice caused by condensation. This ice creates an uneven driving surface, which causes back pain for forklift operators

The PARKOO dehumidifier is installed indoors and dried air is blown through the door through a pipeline. The result is immediate

Dry air means that there is no longer condensation. The ice on the floor is a thing of the past, which is a blessing for forklift operators and others. The frost on the plastic strip hanging from the door has been cleaned, improving visibility and increasing work safety

Additional reward: reduce the need for defrosting

In addition to the increase in employee safety, Hjem-A A S also gained additional benefits after the installation of the dehumidifier. The defrosting of the refrigeration room used to be a weekly event (usually twice a week in summer), but now it only needs to be done every other week

The air entering the refrigeration room is now dehumidified, containing only a small amount of water, greatly reducing the ice and ice layer on the evaporator, as well as ice traps on the gates, etc

The energy efficiency of the Hjem-A A/S freezer has been improved, while the resources required for thawing have been reduced by half. The freezer is no longer like a Dishui Cave. Dry air is more suitable for employees to work, because dry air is easier to breathe than cold and wet air HJEM is the largest ice cream factory in Denmark, with over 250 employees, of which 140 are engaged in production

HJEM is A/S, a subsidiary of Hjem Is Europa owned by Nestle Group