July 03,2023

Hospital ambient air surface sterilizer, ward ambient object surface sterilization system

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In the face of the epidemic situation, we should not only do our own disinfection, but also attach importance to the disinfection of environmental surfaces. How to disinfect more effectively? What are the cleaning and disinfection methods for environmental surfaces

Traditional method: choose chlorine containing disinfectant, chlorine dioxide and other disinfectants to wipe, spray or soak for disinfection

75% alcohol can be selected to wipe the non corrosion-resistant surface or a disposable anti fouling film can be used. The anti fouling film can be used once and discarded once

New technology: use hydrogen vapor (vaporization)/atomized hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine for disinfection

According to the Work Plan for Medical Treatment of XXXXXX Epidemic Situation issued by the State Council, enhanced terminal disinfection measures can be taken when necessary, that is, hydrogen peroxide vaporization/atomization disinfection can be used on the basis of the above cleaning and disinfection measures

  _ Hospital ambient air surface disinfection machine and XD series dry fog hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine can perfectly cover all object surfaces and air disinfection in the space, which can effectively solve the problem of aerosol disinfection. In terms of resistance to MRSA, VRE, CRE and other resistant microorganisms or bacterial contamination of uncertain origin, it has shown outstanding performance. Ultrafine fog particles with a diameter of less than 10 microns, which are too small to be visible to the naked eye, can be evenly distributed in the space. Disinfectants work when contacting the surface of objects. They can also cover corners, gaps and other sanitary dead corners that are difficult to take into account

  _ The hospital ambient air surface disinfection machine and XD series dry fog hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine pass the low concentration hydrogen peroxide solution (below 8%) through the atomization device to make it instantly atomized to 2~6 μ M dry fog particles, and then spray this atomized hydrogen peroxide into the environmental space for Brownian motion. Features and advantages:

1. Dry fog hydrogen peroxide disinfection, recommended for final disinfection and disinfection of high-risk areas

2. The atomized dry fog droplets automatically complete full space sterilization through Brownian motion principle

3. The formed hydrogen peroxide dry fog will not adhere to the object surface, No corrosion to equipment

The technology can kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and highly resistant bacterial spores; It is not easy to agglutinate and settle, has good penetrability, and does not leave dead space during sterilization; Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water, which is basically non corrosive to copper, carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel, and is environmentally friendly; At the same time, the air and object surface shall be taken into account to realize the three-dimensional disinfection mode of space

Note:_ Hospital ambient air surface disinfection machine and XD series dry fog hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine can realize the integrated disinfection of surface and air, with reliable disinfection effect and high efficiency, especially suitable for terminal disinfection

There is an advertisement saying that "not all milk is Trensu". Here (ZEDO) would like to say that not all disinfection equipment that can "spray" are dry fog hydrogen peroxide machines

If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools, ensure the final disinfection effect of air and surface, and cut off the transmission route of COVID-19. You need not only to implement every detail in a down-to-earth manner, but also professional equipment to help you

The current epidemic situation is severe and complex, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed. Xiao Bian reminds you to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, disinfect frequently, and gather less. At the same time, you should pay attention to your own health in a timely manner. All the above contents about the disinfection machine for hospital ambient air surface and the sterilization system for ward ambient object surface are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only