How does the BIO dryer do a good job of drying foodstuffs with high efficiency and quality?

Fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and aquatic products are not easy to be stored for a long time, so dried products such as fruit, vegetables, fish and bacon can increase the added value of the pro...
Air Conditioner_KY Series

Air Conditioner_KY Series

Fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and aquatic products are not easy to be stored for a long time, so dried products such as fruit, vegetables, fish and bacon can increase the added value of the products. The original drying method is sun-drying and natural air-drying, the advantage of this kind of drying method used until now is that there is no extra consumption of resources and no cost, but it is completely "depending on the sky to eat", the weather is not good, windy or rainy, the sun-drying can not be carried out normally, and at the same time, there are also mosquitoes, insects and livestock and other hygiene issues brought about by the. Whether it is the quality of finished products or food hygiene and safety, there is no way to meet the requirements of consumers. On the other hand, the need for large sites and long drying cycles have challenged the traditional drying methods. Industrialization era, hot air drying began to gradually replace the traditional drying, simple a little kang, soil drying room; high-end is the industrialization of the drying room, hardware and software configurations gradually intelligent, automated, standardized. Heat source is also gradually diversified, coal, oil, natural gas, electricity, steam and so on. In terms of processing costs, the initial coal-fired type still dominates the market, which also gives rise to environmental pollution problems.

Drying towards intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection, BIOTEK dryer makes a huge change in drying, a state close to natural sun-drying, the gentle hot air can effectively solve the drying process of discoloration and cracking, uneven moisture, production pollution and other problems. BIO dryer, with reference to the Nicanor principle, has two functions of closed moisture removal and heating at the same time. Internal circulation closed drying, rapid removal of moisture in the drying room, through the dehumidification system continuously discharges the water, in the whole drying process of the drying room humidity is effectively controlled; on the other hand, electric heating to assist in warming up, thus greatly accelerating the speed of drying, due to the lack of strong exhaust dehumidification, drying process reduces the loss of thermal energy, and effectively improves the utilization rate of the drying room and the quality of drying. BIO dryer, drying process is simple and convenient, one key start, reduce labor intensity, save labor costs. Different products or different materials drying choose the right drying machine is very critical, in the drying process should pay attention to maintain a constant temperature, and a large number of moisture drainage. BIO dryer can set the drying mode and temperature and humidity parameters through the intelligent temperature and humidity control system, drying in stages, effectively controlling the drying time and temperature, drying quality is more stable. It is clean and environmentally friendly in the process of using, and will not cause environmental pollution.


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