March 02,2023

Card humidifier

Industry  Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

Carding machine humidifier, carding process humidifier news information carding process is an essential process in cotton textile mill; The main function is to comb the disordered cotton battens into straight battens through the carding machine. There are many factors that affect the production efficiency and quality of the carding process in the cotton textile mill, including problems caused by carding machinery and environmental factors, but the most serious problem is the humidity problem. The environment of the carding workshop must maintain a certain humidity; Due to different regions, different processes and different processing materials, the control range of the temperature and humidity of the carding workshop environment is also different. Generally, the control range is: winter temperature 20-25 ℃, relative humidity 55-50% RH; The temperature in summer is 31-33 ℃, and the relative humidity is 55-60% RH

If the relative humidity of the carding workshop environment is too low, it will cause many adverse effects on the production of the carding process: 1. The loss of cotton fiber due to drying and the increase of flying flowers are not conducive to improving the working environment, worsening the working conditions, and the increase of noil is not conducive to saving cotton; 2. Due to the electrostatic effect, the fibers fly away and the cotton web floats, which affects the transfer and stripping, causing the cotton web to break and fall, affecting the evenness of sliver, and at the same time increasing the number of broken ends. 3. The cotton web breaks, mainly due to the broken edges, causing the unevenness of sliver and affecting the yarn quality; 4. It is difficult to peel the cotton with leather ring, leather roller or chopper, which causes the cotton net to stick to the doffer and easily damage the card clothing; 5. The sliver is fluffy and poorly formed, which is easy to produce wool sliver, reducing the capacity of sliver cylinder and increasing the number of sliver changing. When changing the cylinder, the sliver is easy to fall to the ground, resulting in oil stain defects

It can be seen that the environmental humidity in the carding workshop has a very important impact on the smooth production of the carding process and product quality! Therefore, it is necessary to use scientific and reasonable means to ensure that the humidity of the carding workshop environment meets the humidity standard required by the carding process; At present, many cotton mills generally choose to use industrial humidifiers to effectively control the humidity of the carding workshop environment_ The card humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier are fully automatically controlled, and no one needs to be on duty. The spray is fast and uniform, and the humidification is stable and reliable. It is the only choice for air humidification in the carding workshop of the cotton textile mill, eliminating static electricity, and reducing the floating of cotton wool in the air. It can effectively promote the smooth progress of production and product quality

Scientific and reasonable humidification is very important for a pure cotton textile mill_ The atomized particles sprayed from the humidifier of the carding machine and the ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier are extremely fine and uniform, which can carry out reasonable spray humidification and moisture regain for the cotton fiber during the processing of the carding process, greatly increase the strength and toughness of the cotton fiber, reduce the static electricity, flying flowers and dust in the production workshop of the carding process, so as to effectively ensure the production of higher quality cotton textiles, It provides a good working environment for the production workers in the carding workshop and brings great economic benefits to the textile mill

  _ Carding humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier products use the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to achieve the purpose of uniform humidification;, For humidifiers of other humidification methods, it has significant advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency], and [fast humidification speed]. With air humidification, purification, anti-static and dust prevention, cooling, dust reduction and other purposes; It can not only uniformly humidify large space, but also compensate local humidity in special space, with high flexibility. Welcome to inquire the details of the humidifier of the carding machine and the humidifier of the carding process

  _ Control mode of card humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier, technical parameters:

Product model ------------ Humidification capacity -- Power (220V) ----- Host size -------- Mist outlet

ZS-10/ZS-10Z ------------ 3KG/H -- 200 (W) -- 530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-20/ZS-20Z-----------6KG/H----400(W)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-30/ZS-30Z-----------9KG/H----600(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  _/_----------- 12KG/H---700(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-60/ZS-60Z-----------18KG/H---1050(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-80/ZS-80Z-----------24KG/H---1200(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-100/ZS-100Z--------30KG/H---1400(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F3600/ZS-F3600Z--36KG/H---1550(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F4200/ZS-F4200Z--42KG/H---1750(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

  ZS-F4800/ZS-F4800Z--48KG/H---2100(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm, Moreover, the required humidification amount and corresponding humidifier model in the space shall be comprehensively calculated from low humidity humidification to ideal humidity range. See more carding humidifiers. The details of the humidification device in the carding process can be found in: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd_ When the card humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier are used for humidification, the relative humidity of the environment is slightly lower than that of the clear-cut shop. This is to keep a small amount of moisture released from the cotton roll in the carding shop, so that the fiber is wet inside and dry outside. The external drying is mainly conducive to further combing of cotton bundles and cotton lumps, promoting the fiber to be in a single fiber state, and is conducive to impurity removal; The internal moisture is conducive to the strength and elongation of cotton fiber, making the fiber not suitable for breaking, and reducing the generation of static electricity

In addition, you can also use_ Carding machine humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic spray humidifier can directly humidify the raw cotton at the cotton grabbing machine layer by layer by spray humidifier, which can increase the moisture content of raw cotton evenly by about 1% - 2%, which is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also increases the strength of cotton fiber, which is not easy to break, laying a good foundation for subsequent processing procedures

Of course, there are many types of card humidifiers on the market. The price will vary with different models, specifications, and humidification volumes; Even if a card humidifier of the same specification has different materials and accessories, its price will vary greatly; Generally speaking, different models, specifications, materials and configurations will affect the price of the humidifier of the carding machine. You should pay more attention when choosing! All the above news reports about the humidifier of the carding machine and the humidifier of the carding process are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only