May 21,2023

Steam removal machine for wig cleaning workshop, rapid steam removal method for cleaning workshop

Steam removal machine for wig cleaning workshop, rapid steam removal method for cleaning workshop [Technical updates] During the cleaning process of wig processing, a large amount of water vapor containing humidity evaporates and diffuses in the workshop, causing a foul atmosphere and low visibility in the cleaning workshop. The workshop floor is slippery and the air is dirty. It seriously affects the normal production and operation order, the hygiene and safety of wigs, and the service life of machinery and equipment. In such a work environment with high air humidity, low oxygen content, and severe pollution, employees have low labor efficiency. In this situation, it is necessary to effectively treat the water vapor in the cleaning workshop So, how can we solve the problem of water vapor in the cleaning workshop? In workshops with good sealing or where steam cannot be directly pumped out of the room, activated carbon can be used to directly adsorb the generated steam inside the workshop. Some adsorption materials such as activated carbon and desiccants can be placed near the source of steam generation or the location where steam accumulation is severe, directly reducing the concentration and quantity of steam. This method solves the problem of incomplete steam effect and high cost

After conducting research on electrical appliances, it was found that in order to solve the problems of water vapor and workshop ventilation cooling in wig factories, as well as the comfort of employees' working environment, the best and most cost-effective products are the ZD-300D wig cleaning workshop steam removal machine and the ZD series lifting steam removal and recycling integrated machine.

It has been found that wig factory owners choose equipment with drainage steam, factory ventilation and cooling, as well as comfortable working environments. The first consideration is to achieve good results. Spending money to solve problems is to achieve results! The good effect of industrial fans in removing steam is mainly reflected in the large exhaust air volume, which can quickly exhaust the steam from the workshop outside

Secondly, it is important to consider the durability level. Due to the steam in wig factories, which has certain problems and humidity, high-quality industrial fans are needed to ensure low maintenance, long service life, and peace of mind during use

Also, considering investment and usage costs, investment and usage costs are related to whether the boss can use them.

In order to help everyone better understand how to choose a suitable wig processing enterprise workshop to remove steam, why choose an electrical brand steam removal machine is the most suitable? Here is a specific explanation of the actual situation of a wig factory:

A 1000 square meter cleaning workshop in a wig factory is filled with cleaning tanks, which are used to clean wigs. During the production process, a large amount of water vapor is generated.

, Spread throughout the entire workshop, based on the above workshop situation, electrical experts suggest using 6 ZD-300D wig cleaning workshop steam removal machines, installed above or near the steam source, which can be quickly removed when steam is generated during the cleaning process

First: Good steam removal effect: The wig factory produces a relatively large amount of steam, which needs to be quickly discharged in a short period of time to be effective. If a product with weak exhaust air volume is selected, although it has a steam removal effect, the steam removal effect is not ideal. One ZD-300D wig cleaning workshop steam removal machine can ensure the rapid removal of steam in a 150 square room

Second: Super durable! quality! Stable performance! Long service life

Three: Easy to install and super worry free

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