July 10,2023

Dry noodles dehumidifier to avoid the problem of easy breakage of dried noodles

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It is well known that there are many kinds of vermicelli commonly seen in the market at present, and the main varieties can be divided into ordinary vermicelli, manual vermicelli, colorful vermicelli, etc. Their production processes are basically the same, generally: raw and auxiliary materials pretreatment → dough mixing → ripening → tablet pressing → cutting → wet cutting → drying → cutting → metering → packaging → inspection → finished noodles

In the whole process of noodle production, its drying is a very troublesome link. The traditional dried noodles are dried by hanging and drying in the sun or in a coal-fired drying room. The sun has high requirements on the weather. In rainy seasons, dried noodles are easy to mildew, which affects the taste and is not conducive to health! Many cooperatives and production enterprises use the form of sunburns. If the weather is bad and the time is too long, they may deteriorate

workshops that produce dried noodles have adopted machines to dry them, which is simple and convenient, and is not affected by the weather. However, some machines are prone to break the ends of noodles during the drying process

In addition, people pay more and more attention to food safety; For this reason, more and more manual workshops, cooperatives and production enterprises have chosen to use pollution-free, environment-friendly and energy-saving PD-45G vermicelli drying dehumidifier and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine to dry vermicelli, rice noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli and other foods. Not only will the problem of cracking not occur, but also the drying time will be greatly shortened, the operating cost of the drying room will be reduced, and the quality will be greatly improved

When the drying conditions are stable, the drying process of dried noodles has a certain relationship with the surface temperature, moisture content, drying rate and time. According to the changing characteristics of their relationship, the drying process can be divided into three stages: heating stage, constant speed drying stage, and reduced speed drying stage. The drying dehumidifier of dried noodles can avoid the problem that dried noodles are easy to break

[Case Analysis] The project is located in Hunan Province, mainly drying dried noodles. The project will build a new dried noodles drying room, which is designed to be 10 meters long * 4.5 meters wide * 2 meters high. It can dry 1200kg of dry materials at a time to remove about 30% of the moisture. The drying room uses a 10P PD-80G dried noodles dehumidifier all the year round, which will be fully dry for about 12 hours. The temperature in winter is low, which takes 14-15 hours. The drying cost of 1kg dry noodles is about 0.115 yuan; The power consumption is slightly high in winter, and the customer is very satisfied with the drying quality and energy-saving effect