March 17,2023

Completely solve the problem of warehouse humidity, and the warehouse dehumidifier is in place in one step

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Completely solve the problem of warehouse humidity. Warehouse dehumidifiers are in place in one step. As we all know, humidity hazards are numerous and widespread, covering factories or enterprise workshops and warehouses in food, pharmacy, electronics, leather, footwear, furniture, musical instruments, printing, chemical industry, textile, casting and other fields, especially in food, medicine, textiles, printed products, paper products, wood products and other products that are easily hygroscopic, In the warehouse environment with high humidity, it is easy to be damp, mildewed and deteriorated For this reason, whether it is a large or small factory or enterprise, it is essential to do a good job of moisture-proof and humidity control in the warehouse. The warehouse has a certain space for various raw materials, materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and scientifically and reasonably control the environmental humidity in the warehouse according to the characteristics of the stored items to meet the humidity standard required for its storage, In order to maintain the integrity of stored items

Especially in the southern region, there are many rainy days all the year round. The factory or enterprise warehouse management personnel are worried about the continuous rainy weather. The air in the warehouse is humid and the humidity is too high. The ground and wall are seriously damped. The raw materials, materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the inventory are exposed to the risk of moisture, and the product quality and storage safety will be affected. How to dehumidify the warehouse Product shot The product will

Method: Place the desiccant. If it is a small warehouse, the desiccant can be used. When the entire warehouse is covered with desiccant, it can achieve good dehumidification and moisture-proof effect. However, the service life of the desiccant is very short, so it needs to be replaced and cannot be used for a long time. Once the plum rain season is over, all the desiccants need to be removed and replaced

Method 2: Install an exhaust fan. For a warehouse with a slightly larger area, you can use an exhaust fan in addition to desiccant. The wind power of the exhaust fan is also relatively large, but it is not suitable for the use of the exhaust fan in the warehouse where wine or some grains are stored. At present, many supermarkets like to use exhaust fans in the plum rain season, because the exhaust fans have a good dehumidification effect and a large range of dehumidification, but the disadvantages are also obvious, and the noise is too loud

Method 3: Choose a dehumidifier. The most safe and reliable way to dehumidify the warehouse is to use a dehumidifier. The dehumidification function of dehumidifiers is quite remarkable. Nowadays, many dehumidifiers are equipped with microcomputer automatic control. For dehumidification of some large garages or villas, this microcomputer automatic control system can play a great role Product application: dehumidifier in food warehouse Product application: dehumidifier in drug warehouse product features. At the same time, the dehumidifier is equipped with multiple protection measures, which can achieve high and low pressure, overload and other safety protection. The dehumidifier is internally equipped with high efficiency fan with large air volume, small size, high efficiency, stable operation and large air volume. No matter how large the warehouse is, it can quickly dehumidify and moistureproof

  _ The mobile warehouse dehumidifier and Parkoo series automatic moisture-proof dehumidifier are highly efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly dehumidifier products manufactured by strict use of professional technology and exquisite workmanship. They are equipped with an intelligent humidity constant control system. Users can automatically control the operation and shutdown of the dehumidifier according to production needs, achieve efficient dehumidification effect through automatic control, and reduce the operating cost of the whole machine. Welcome to inquire the detailed information about how to thoroughly solve the warehouse humidity and how to get the warehouse dehumidifier in place in one step Product application: dehumidifier for electronic warehouse Product application: dehumidifier for lifting warehouse Product parameters

  _ Technical parameters and model selection reference of mobile warehouse dehumidifier and Parkoo series full-automatic moisture-proof dehumidifier:

Product model ------ dehumidification capacity ------ applicable area ------ power ------ power ------ circulating air volume

  _-- 28(L/D)---30-80(㎡)----420(W)----220V/50Hz---190m ³/ h

  _-- 58(L/D)---50-100(㎡)----670(W)----220V/50Hz---850m ³/ h

  PD880LB--80(L/D)---100-160(㎡)----710(W)----220V/50Hz---980m ³/ h

[Requirements for dehumidifier leasing business] Provide flexible leasing schemes to meet customers' short-term and long-term leasing requirements

[Dehumidifier rental charging standard] The price can be determined according to the rental model, rental quantity and rental days

  _--- 90(L/D)---90-150(㎡)---1700(W)---220V/50Hz---1125m ³/ h

  _-- 138(L/D)--150-250(㎡)--2000(W)--220V/50Hz--1725m ³/ h

  _-- 168(L/D)--180-280(㎡)--2800(W)--380V/50Hz--2100m ³/ h

  _-- 240(L/D)--280-380(㎡)--4900(W)--380V/50Hz--3000m ³/ h

  _-- 360(L/D)--380-580(㎡)--7000(W)--380V/50Hz--4500m ³/ h

  _-- 480(L/D)--500-880(㎡)--9900(W)--380V/50Hz--6000m ³/ H

Product application: mobile warehouse dehumidifier Product application: ceiling warehouse dehumidifier_ Mobile warehouse dehumidifiers and Parkoo series full-automatic moisture-proof dehumidifiers are used for rapid dehumidification. Compared with traditional dehumidification methods, dehumidifiers have greater dehumidification capacity, more stable performance and faster effect; It can not only prevent the warehouse from being damaged by moisture, but also maintain a relatively dry and comfortable environment; Moreover, the humidity in the warehouse can be controlled within the appropriate range you need

All the above contents about how to thoroughly solve the problem of warehouse humidity are provided by Parkoo Electric Co., Ltd., mainly about how to thoroughly solve the problem of warehouse humidity, the application and selection of warehouse dehumidifiers. I hope it will be helpful to the daily work of warehouse keepers in factories or enterprises! In a word, moisture-proof has always been an important part of warehouse management, which should not be ignored