May 24,2023

Lost foam drying and dehumidification machine for gate valve body, heat recovery, fast drying, and energy-saving

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The development of the lost foam drying and dehumidification machine for gate valve body and heat recovery fast drying energy-saving technology is well-known. In the production and manufacturing of various castings in the casting industry, the mold is the most important part of the production process; Among them, lost foam mold is widely used in current mold applications

However, the lost foam mold requires heating and drying, and the application of the lost foam mold coating usually takes several times to complete. One complete application will make the coating thicker, and the coating is prone to cracking. The overall thickness of the coating should be controlled around Imm. After each layer of paint is applied, it must be dried before proceeding with the next round of painting or molding. If the coating is not completely dry, the molten steel will produce a large amount of gas when encountering moisture during pouring, causing backspraying. In addition, the coating is not fully dry, and the permeability of the coating is poor, making it difficult to timely discharge the gas, which can easily cause gas holes in the casting

The general lost foam drying process is carried out in the mold drying room built by the factory. However, the current drying room does not evenly dry the lost foam mold, and it is crucial for the lost foam mold to be evenly heated during the drying process. The uniformity of the heating of the lost foam mold seriously affects the quality of the dried lost foam mold. Secondly, during the drying process, the utilization rate of heat is low, which can cause energy waste. Later, during the drying process, The heating temperature takes a certain amount of time to reach the specified temperature, resulting in slow drying efficiency

The drying of lost foam molds generally uses a drying room for drying. Currently, the drying room for drying lost foam molds is equipped with a heating device in the drying room enclosed by walls and doors, which places the lost foam molds in the drying room for heating and drying. During this drying process, due to the fast drying speed of the casting sand mold placed around or next to the heating furnace, while the slow drying speed of the casting sand mold placed in other directions, the drying process is uneven, the drying time is long, the work efficiency is low, the drying effect is poor, and the quality of the casting is poor

Especially when the heating furnace uses coal combustion heating method, it is difficult to control the heating time. When there is too little coal, it is necessary to remove the casting sand mold and add coal for re drying, which is inconvenient to use, low drying efficiency, long drying process time, and poor drying effect. Secondly, when the coating is dry, some harmful components in the coating are converted into gases and emitted into the air, polluting the environment and detrimental to human health So, how can lost foam mold be dried quickly and with high quality? The use of PD-45GS lost foam drying and dehumidification machine and PD series heating drying and dehumidification integrated machine to dry and dehumidify lost foam coatings is a new, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving drying technology that largely solves the problems of slow drying efficiency and high drying costs in traditional lost foam drying. It is an intelligent technology that combines reducing energy consumption and improving product quality, It will bring significant technological reforms to the entire drying industry

In summary, in existing technologies, if the lost foam mold is dried by air, the time is too long, and each piece needs to be taken out of the painting equipment and hung again, resulting in low work efficiency. However, using the drying method, the drying equipment used has an unreasonable structural design, resulting in uneven drying of various parts, varying degrees of drying, and long drying time

How to quickly dry the lost foam mold while ensuring its high quality has become a challenge in current lost foam mold drying technology. For a long time, lost foam manufacturing companies have been searching for efficient drying equipment that can greatly increase the drying efficiency of lost foam molds and thereby reduce costs. Utilizing the new, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving drying technology of PD-45GS lost foam drying and dehumidification machine and PD series heating, drying and dehumidification integrated machine, we are committed to solving the problem of lost foam drying and helping the stable development of the lost foam casting industry