February 24,2023

Agricultural pepper dryer, fast drying energy-saving pepper drying equipment

It is well known that agricultural pepper dryer and fast drying energy-saving pepper drying equipment technology trends. When the pepper is mature every year, if you walk in the pepper planting base, you can see the scene of drying pepper everywhere. One by one, red, decorated with the beautiful scenery of my hometown. But after picking Chinese prickly ash, we are faced with a problem, that is, how to air dry, because whether the air is good or not directly affects the quality of Chinese prickly ash particles, especially the chromaticity

The quality of Chinese prickly ash is good. In addition to its variety, airing is also a major factor affecting the appearance of Chinese prickly ash. The method of sun exposure is simple and cost-effective, with good color. It is a common method used by most Chinese prickly ash farmers at present. However, if the picked pepper is stored at home in continuous rainy weather, it is prone to mildew and other problems to cause losses. Pepper farmers are burning with anxiety. If the year's pepper harvest is due to problems in the drying process, isn't that year's hard work useless

To this end, manual drying is required. Manual drying is not limited by weather conditions, and the roasted pepper has good color, which can well maintain the unique flavor of pepper. However, when using manual drying method, the selection of drying equipment is very important! The pepper drying equipment is divided into large mesh belt pepper dryer and pepper drying room according to the daily processing output. How should customers choose which pepper drying equipment to use

First of all, it depends on the output of Chinese prickly ash that the customer needs to dry. The large output requires the shape. If the customer has high requirements on the color, shape and drying quality of dried Chinese prickly ash, it is recommended to use a large mesh belt Chinese prickly ash dryer. Customers with small output are suitable for using a Chinese prickly ash drying room. At present, the drying industry in China can be roughly divided into coal boiler, biomass hot air furnace, natural gas boiler, firewood boiler, pure electric energy and other types from the perspective of energy

However, today we will introduce a more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving Chinese prickly ash drying equipment -- PD45G agricultural Chinese prickly ash dryer and Parkoo series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine. If it is cloudy and rainy, the drying operation can still be carried out normally, without looking at the face of God! The drying process is as follows:

1. Step 1: Dry at a low temperature of 45 ℃ for 6h. The skin of Zanthoxylum bungeanum shrinks, cracks begin, and the color of the skin is fixed

2. Step 2: high temperature drying, drying time is 3 hours, temperature is set at 55 ℃, and humidity is about 35% RH. At this time, pepper begins to drain a lot of water. Pay attention to air circulation and moisture drainage

4. Step 3: Constant temperature and humidity. Set the temperature at 50 ℃ and the humidity at about 30% RH. Run for 10 hours, and then dehydrate Chinese prickly ash until the water content is less than 10%

In view of the demand for energy-saving dehumidification and drying in drying rooms and drying rooms, the PD45G agricultural pepper dryer and Parkoo series heating, heating, drying and dehumidification integrated machine developed and produced by the electrical appliances can not only quickly remove the moisture in the drying room, effectively control the humidity in the drying room during the whole drying process, but also select the electric heating with corresponding power to assist in heating, thus greatly accelerating the drying speed, It effectively improves the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality! You can inquire the details of agricultural pepper dryer, fast drying energy-saving pepper dryer

Technical parameters of PD45G agricultural pepper dryer and Parkoo series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine:

Model selection of integrated dryer and dehumidifier: select the appropriate model according to the overall humidity load of the actual drying room, specifically, calculate the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity per unit time and other key data according to its area, floor height, evaporation capacity of drying water, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors to correctly select the required model. If you want to know more about agricultural pepper dryers and fast drying energy-saving pepper dryers, please refer to: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, the simple and crude original air drying method is really worth recommending. Because it will be dried naturally in the sun and will not cost any money. At the same time, the result of air drying is original. However, when there is no way to air dry, it is necessary to use the manual drying method, although this intermediate link will increase the cost of electricity. But compared with the losses caused by the problems such as the accumulation of Chinese prickly ash, which can not be dried there and is prone to mildew, it is worth it

The drying customers of Chinese prickly ash often ask whether to open or close, and whether the color is good or bad. In fact, this has something to do with the adjustment of time, temperature and humidity in the drying process. If the temperature is low, the proportion of openings will decrease, and the time will increase accordingly. If the temperature is high, dehumidification will also be faster, the openings will become larger, the time will be shorter, and the color will become worse. If the temperature is low, the dehumidification is slow, and the drying time is long, a balanced drying process needs to be selected

In the pepper drying room, PD45G agricultural pepper dryer and Parkoo series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine are used to bake pepper with uniform color and opening rate, without damage and pollution, and sulfur dioxide will not exceed the standard, which fully meets the national demand for food hygiene! All the above technical trends about agricultural pepper dryer and fast drying energy-saving pepper dryer are provided by the electrical appliances for your reference only

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