How to prevent accidents at gas stations during the rainy season

With the change of seasons, the arrival of the southern plum rain season, the rise of temperature, the outbreak of rainstorm and humid air will affect the daily work of gas stations. So, how should we...
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Industry Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

With the change of seasons, the arrival of the southern plum rain season, the rise of temperature, the outbreak of rainstorm and humid air will affect the daily work of gas stations. So, how should we prepare some preventive measures in the plum rain season

During thunderstorms, as most of the equipment in the station is generated by static electricity, external factors may affect it, which may cause lightning to pass through the equipment in the station. If sparks are generated, they may ignite oil and gas, explode or catch fire, and the equipment may be penetrated. Therefore, during thunderstorms, the relevant equipment at the gas station should be shut down and the operation of fuel should be stopped. Gas station management personnel should pay attention to local weather changes, be aware of potential thunderstorm water levels in advance, and take necessary measures to avoid the occurrence of lightning

During the rainy season, gas station managers should strengthen employee safety awareness and strictly require employees to operate according to safety standards. In addition, as the manager of a gas station, the gas station manager should also develop corresponding fire prevention plans for different accidents, so that employees can be proactive, orderly, and calm in the event of a fire. Employees are the most important guardians of gas station safety. In daily work, employees should do a good job in the daily management and maintenance of gas station equipment to ensure the normal use of station fire equipment. The Tank truck shall serve customers in strict accordance with the company's articles of association and safety regulations to prevent gasoline from entering the plastic container, so that the oil in the tank truck and the oil in the underground tank can be measured correctly. Ensure the remaining space under the tank and operate according to the unloading operation specifications. The accident occurred during oil unloading

Prepare for flood control during rainstorm. The long-term rainfall in the south has caused some gas stations in mountainous or low-lying areas to be submerged by rainwater, and even by gas stations. Generally speaking, most of the oil tanks in gas stations are buried underground, and the water in the storage tank area is easy to float up by the oil, which then disconnects the pipeline, leading to pipeline rupture and oil pollution

Therefore, in these waterlogging prone areas, gas station management personnel should develop corresponding flood control plans, strengthen contact with higher-level departments and local government departments, and purchase necessary flood control equipment (water pumps, buckets, raincoats, plastic woven bags). Avoid flooding at gas stations. It is necessary to communicate with the rainwater drainage department to improve the drainage system of the gas station. If necessary, the gas station is equipped with a dedicated drainage pump to stop heavy rainfall in a short period of time and inject the gas station into the gas station. Due to untimely drainage, the accident at the gas station was flooded

It is easier to make phone calls to gas stations during the summer and rainy seasons. When refueling, the oil vapor inside the empty tank disperses or evaporates, causing a sharp increase in the density of oil and gas around the tanker. Gas stations are generally controlled by computers. High intensity mobile phone signals will induce induction in computer devices. The electronic friction generated by two instantaneous electrons may ignite the oil vapor and cause an explosion. In cloudy or foggy weather with high air humidity and low air pressure, with the reduction of air flow and the increase of oil and gas density, the possibility of mobile phone triggering explosion will further increase

During the rainy season, when the gas station is wet, it is also the key to large-scale dehumidification. The application of industrial dehumidifier in environmental dehumidification of oil station is very necessary

What should gas stations pay attention to in humid weather

Summer is the peak season for refined oil consumption, and gas stations must ensure the safety of gas stations while ensuring economic benefits. Only by doing safety work in a timely manner can we better maintain the economic benefits of gas stations


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