February 27,2023

Automatic atomized air disinfector, atomized disinfection equipment for fever clinic

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As we all know, an important means of epidemic prevention and control is to quickly eliminate viruses in the environment by adopting scientific and effective disinfection methods to prevent transmission. It is understood that the commonly used disinfection products, such as hydrogen peroxide, 75% ethanol, chlorine containing disinfectant, peracetic acid, can effectively inactivate the virus, which has attracted more and more attention from the society

Product introduction

It refers to droplet propagation, contact propagation and aerosol propagation under specific conditions, Then the ward where the patient stays, especially when the known infected person has been hospitalized for a long time, will inevitably cause greater pollution to the space due to their activities and related diagnosis and treatment operations. There are many ways of terminal disinfection, and hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine is mentioned more recently. The Technical Specification for Disinfection of Medical Institutions also proposes that hydrogen peroxide can be used for spray disinfection of indoor air disinfection

To disinfect the space, air and object surface in a closed environment, spray disinfectant is a common method. For example, in the Guidelines for the Use of Disinfectants issued by the General Office of the Health Commission, it is clear that aerosol spray with peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfection method. Compared with the strong corrosive and irritating smell of peracetic acid disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant is relatively mild

The product wii ll

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), its aqueous solution is called hydrogen peroxide. Because it is very easy to decompose into oxygen and water, it will not cause secondary pollution to the environment and is a clean, green and environment-friendly disinfectant. Due to these advantages, hydrogen peroxide is also widely used in various disinfection scenarios. In the work of epidemic prevention and control, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant has been more widely used. When it is used for space, air and object surface disinfection, special disinfection equipment is used to automatically complete. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide disinfector or automatic atomized air disinfector is included in the reference list of medical equipment configuration for fever clinics

  _ Hydrogen peroxide disinfector and XD series full-automatic atomized air disinfector are a kind of hydrogen peroxide full-automatic atomized air disinfection equipment independently developed, designed and manufactured by electrical appliances. It sprays 3% - 8% R hydrogen peroxide disinfection solution through ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization to generate germicidal factors in nano micron dry fog state, and conducts Brownian movement to fill the entire space. Hydrogen peroxide quickly acts on bacteria, drug resistant bacteria, fungi Viruses and spores can simultaneously disinfect the air in space and the surface of objects

Product features

_ Hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine and XD series full-automatic atomized air disinfection machine have obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine fog particles], and [simple operation]. They can atomize disinfectant into 1-10 micron atomized particles, making all disinfectant solutions" Gone with the Wind; In the air, 360 ° non dead angle spray disinfection in all directions, so as to wrap more viruses and germs and kill them by oxidation

And there is no need to connect the water pipe, just put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, and can move freely for spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Welcome to inquire about the details of the automatic atomized air disinfector and the atomized disinfection equipment in the fever clinic

Product parameters

Note:_ Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer and XD series full-automatic atomized air sterilizer do not have disinfection and sterilization functions themselves, and their disinfection and sterilization effectiveness depends on the disinfectant used. Different disinfectants are used for different applications and different sterilization needs. The size of atomized particles is conducive to the diffusion and retention of disinfectant in space. It is this principle that can suspend the liquid disinfectant in space to achieve the purpose of disinfection of space, air and object surface