July 28,2023

What water should be used for the humidifier- Have you done it correctly-

Household Dehumidifier_223 Series Almost every household has a humidifier, especially when it is used more frequently in dry autumn and winter weather. However, it may not be clear what water to use for humidifiers. Generally speaking, households use tap water, but after all, there are still certain harmful substances in tap water. Long term use can also have certain effects on the body, and even damage the surface of furniture. Today we will introduce what type of water is better for humidifiers, and you can also choose the appropriate type based on your own family situation Firstly, pure water. If you are not sure what water to use for the humidifier, it is best to use pure water. Pure water is purified and there are no other substances in it, which will not have any impact on the humidifier. If you want to have a certain antibacterial effect, you can add less vinegar and control the amount yourself, not too much, otherwise the acetic acid smell emitted will make you unbearable. In addition, pure water can also be paired with some essential oils for better results. Female friends can also choose skincare essential oils, such as lavender essential oil and rose essential oil, which not only have a fragrant odor, but also effectively maintain a good sleep quality, making their skin better and better during sleep Secondly, mineral water. It is not clear what water to use for the humidifier, and mineral water can be directly chosen. Although mineral water also contains certain minerals, which may cause some harm to the humidifier, it is relatively much better than using tap water directly. And after all, the amount of water used every day is not very large, which will not cause waste. Mineral water is, after all, a natural ingredient, and its minerals can also evaporate well in the air, which is helpful for our sleep Finally, it is recommended that friends who do not know what water to use for humidifiers should not use tap water casually, or boil the tap water to let it cool, as this can reduce the growth of bacteria. It is best to clean the humidifier once a week to ensure its cleanliness, prevent the generation of bacteria, and prevent the spray from causing harm to the human body