March 02,2023

Basement fresh air dehumidification all-in-one machine makes the basement -live-

Household Dehumidifier_PD11 Series

The basement fresh air dehumidification integrated machine makes the basement "live" as we all know. The area of the modern villa duplex basement is mostly used in the following functional areas: fitness area, tea room, video room, wine cellar, small bar, storage room, etc. When the design was just started, the customer's expectations were very high. They were too excited to think about it. Even after the decoration, the effect was very good. They often invited friends to come to the gym and watch movies, just saying "Sa"

Later, when I went to the customer's home and chatted with the customer, I found that the customer utilization rate was not high, and customers who had been in the basement for two or three years rarely went there. I felt uncomfortable when I entered the basement. Some walls fell off. In summer, there was a layer of small water droplets on the tiles. The air was not fresh. Many paper packaging even went mouldy, which had a harmful effect on the human body for a long time! So the customer didn't want to come down

To solve these problems, it is a good choice to install a set of fresh air dehumidification system - PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier! It continuously introduces outdoor air into the room, and then through multi-layer filtration, effectively removes PM2.5, bacteria, dust and other harmful substances. At the same time, it pumps indoor carbon dioxide to the outside. After entering the equipment, the air is dehumidified by the compressor, so as to ensure that the room is always clean and comfortable

It can not only effectively avoid various impacts caused by humid air, but also effectively prevent the breeding of various molds and prolong the life of furniture and buildings. It can also effectively remove all kinds of harmful gases, including lampblack odor, bacteria, viruses, etc. It can meet people's demand for fresh air 24 hours a day

So the basement is "alive"! The fitness campaign has been guaranteed. The audio and video equipment is not worried about the impact on the life of the wine cellar due to long-term humidity. The wine in the whole cellar will also be better and longer preserved! However, "three products, seven installations", if you want to fully play the role of the central fresh air dehumidification system, professional installation support is indispensable

PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier functional characteristics: ◎ efficient dehumidifier; ◎ Fresh air ventilation; ◎ Purification and dust removal: ◎ Three speed regulation: ◎ Intelligent operation: ◎ Energy saving: ◎ Automatic drainage: ◎ Start delay; Welcome to inquire about the details of the basement fresh air dehumidification all-in-one machine to make the basement "live"

Technical parameters of PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier:

PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier are not only the best choice for ventilation and dehumidification of villas, townhouses and western-style houses; It is also very suitable for KTV, Internet cafes and other entertainment places where people have more activities and air changes, computer rooms, hotels, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, restaurants, school classrooms, kindergartens, hospital wards and other places. With it, you can enjoy fresh air 24 hours a day, all the time, and make your study, life, work and production environment more comfortable and healthy

Core tip: Of course, there are many brands of fresh air dehumidifiers on the market, and the quality is mixed. Only by choosing reliable ones can we create a comfortable life and avoid worries. Electrical appliances are professional because of their focus. They have exclusive R&D and design talents and provide many series of fresh air dehumidification products to meet the demands of ventilation, moisture-proof, dehumidification and humidity control in different environments

In a word, PD668XF basement fresh air dehumidifier and Parkoo series central fresh air dehumidifier have many advantages, which are very good choices for improving the air quality in the basement space and improving the quality of life. For electrical appliances, it is recommended that families with conditions can install fresh air dehumidification system with central air conditioner, which not only ensures comfort, but also improves indoor beauty and saves energy. All the above technical news reports on the new air dehumidifier integrated machine in the basement to make the basement "live" are provided by Parkoo Electric, for your reference only