May 14,2023

Carpet workshop humidifier, carpet production workshop spray humidification method

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Carpet workshop humidifier, carpet production workshop spray humidification technology dynamic industrial workshop environment to maintain a reasonable air humidity, it is necessary for normal production and processing; However, there are many ways to increase workshop humidity, such as sprinkling water before. However, in recent years, choosing to install industrial humidifiers to increase workshop humidity has become increasingly popular, and the humidification is uniform, effective, and environmentally friendly

Carpet processing workshops, like many industrial workshops, are also facing problems such as low humidity in the workshop, which can easily generate electrostatic lint, leading to poor product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, it is decided to install industrial humidifiers to increase and control humidity in the workshop, solving a series of problems caused by low humidity

Therefore, carpet processing factories install industrial humidifiers in their production and processing workshops to increase the humidity in the workshop. In recent days, many carpet processing factories have found that the air humidity in their carpet processing workshops is low. The dry production environment has led to a decrease in production and quality, and employees have also complained. In order to increase production and quality, and provide employees with a good production environment, the company has decided to install ZS-120Z carpet workshop humidifiers and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifiers to increase workshop humidity and eliminate the adverse effects of low humidity

In dry winter, electrification can even generate sparks, which is a problem caused by static electricity generated by a certain carpet product factory during dry winter. It is understood that static electricity has a significant impact on carpet workshops, and carpet products will constantly rub against mechanical equipment during processing, resulting in the generation of a large amount of static electricity. Moreover, the capacitance of carpet products is low, and a small voltage can generate electromagnetic fields, causing them to adsorb small dust in the environment, affecting subsequent processing and making it inconvenient for workshop cleaning

If the product is electrified, foreign objects are easily attached, and the risk of defective products and waste is also increased. When the humidity is below 30% RH, sparks will be generated when in contact with the product, resulting in a decrease in work efficiency. Especially when the weather is dry or the humidity is too low, static electricity and dust are even more severe; As the air humidity continues to increase, the escape speed of electrostatic charges will also accelerate, effectively avoiding the generation of static electricity, reducing dust adsorption, and enabling subsequent processes to proceed smoothly

Although static electricity is used, it cannot effectively remove static electricity. Therefore, the customer proposes to fundamentally prevent the occurrence of static electricity and improve the working environment. Avoiding foreign object attachment improves work efficiency. After rapid on-site diagnosis, the measured values show several areas exceeding 20kV. Spray ZS-120Z carpet workshop humidifiers and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifiers on these areas that will not wet the products and machines. After humidification, it can be seen that the voltage drops to a single digit