July 27,2023

5 groups of people who need fresh air purification systems

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series In modern reinforced concrete building systems, while enjoying modern lifestyles, we also lose a lot, such as the air we breathe every day. Many people have occupational diseases, and breathing unhealthy air every day can also breed many diseases. To improve air quality, introducing indoor fresh air systems should start from the following five groups

First, the newly renovated population

The decorative materials used in modern architecture contain volatile organic pollutant gases to varying degrees. Formaldehyde can cause gene mutations in nasopharyngeal, colon, brain tumors, and cell nuclei. Benzene can cause bone marrow and genetic damage. Ammonia can cause Pulmonary edema or respiratory distress syndrome, while radon can damage human nervous system, reproductive system and digestive system. These volatile organic pollutants are also prone to bronchitis, dermatitis, aplastic anemia, irregular menstruation and other diseases

Indoor Dedicated outdoor air system: It can discharge all kinds of harmful gases and indoor dirty air caused by indoor decoration, and send outdoor fresh air into the room after efficient purification. It can be replaced continuously for 24 hours to keep the indoor air fresh at any time, so that the newly decorated room will not have unpleasant smell for a long time, and get a good psychological state. Ensure sufficient sleep and enhance immunity Secondly, office workers may experience a decrease in their physical and brain metabolism due to the relatively enclosed office space, lack of air circulation, dirt, and low oxygen content. Working in environments with poor air quality for a long time can easily lead to discomfort symptoms such as dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, and emotional fluctuations, seriously affecting work efficiency. It can induce various diseases Indoor fresh air system: Continuously replenish fresh air to allow office workers to breathe sufficient oxygen, alleviate fatigue, and improve work efficiency. By constantly replacing bad air such as fresh air, indoor smoke, coffee, etc., it can quickly exhaust outdoor and fresh spaces, making work more efficient. Concentrate

III. Children

Indoor Fresh Air System: Cleans up various indoor air pollution, continuously replenishes fresh air, and high oxygen content air can help children increase their absorption of various trace elements, enhance their physique, and also help brain cells develop faster and better! People who love you

Fourth, pregnant women

Because women have more fat, benzene pollution in indoor air is easily absorbed and stored in fat. Benzene has adverse effects on embryonic and fetal development. In addition, formaldehyde pollution in indoor air can cause chronic respiratory diseases, women's Menstrual disorder, pregnancy syndrome, and lead to physical decline of newborns; High concentrations of formaldehyde are toxic to the nervous and immune systems, and can also induce fetal malformations. Ions, infantile leukemia

Indoor fresh air system: The indoor air is always kept fresh, increasing the oxygen carrying capacity, making the fetus healthy and strong, avoiding the occurrence of infant leukemia, fetal malformations, and stillbirth caused by air pollution. At the same time, fresh air can also delight pregnant women. And effectively prevent the occurrence of prenatal depression in pregnant women

Fifth, the elderly

In old age, various functions are declining, especially the lungs, which have been working continuously since birth. At this time, oxidation is an important cause of respiratory diseases in the elderly, such as Tracheitis, pharyngitis and pneumonia. In addition, due to insufficient oxygen supply in the blood, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and cerebral hemorrhage may also be induced. Other diseases may also endanger the lives of those who are weak Indoor fresh air system: Elderly people who are not easily mobile can breathe high oxygen content fresh air in the forest at any time, even at home. Without breathing difficulties, they can increase the oxygen content in the blood and greatly reduce the incidence of cardio cerebral Vascular disease, so that all organs of the body can get sufficient nutrition and healthy life, so that people can live a healthy life. Extend one's lifespan and enjoy a healthy and happy old age The above five groups of people are mainly related to their work characteristics, living environment, and physical functions. In fact, these groups not only require indoor fresh air systems, but most urban residents lack natural fresh breathing air