February 23,2023

Basement dehumidifier

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

It is well known that the basement dehumidifier and the villa basement are good methods for moistureproof and dehumidification. The villa basement and garage are damp and mouldy, which is a common architectural problem in today's society. Because the underground is relatively damp, a large number of molds have polluted the living environment. Many high-end villa owners have suffered from it. How to damp the villa underground space has become an urgent social problem. Building developers The decoration companies and builders have not formed a standardized and authoritative moisture-proof scheme for the villa underground space

For the moisture problem of underground space. Many owners have some wrong views. Almost 100% of owners will make mistakes in the concept of moisture-proof and waterproof, and even more than 80% of decoration companies do not know the difference between waterproof and moisture-proof! Most people think that when waterproof is done well, moisture-proof should be easy. At most, waterproof materials should be high-end

But the fact is that moisture-proof is a thousand times more difficult than waterproof! This is the sad fact that knowledge is greater than facts, and it is easy to take it for granted that knowledge is greater than knowledge_ Villa basement dehumidifier and Parkoo series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier adopt the combination of structural dehumidification technology and air dehumidification technology to solve the problem of underground space humidity from the root

Before the owner's decoration, the underground is wet: water has seeped directly from the wall, full moisture condensate has been hung on the top wall of the basement, underground metal objects have been rusted, and the humidity detector shows that the humidity has reached 95%! As a high-end owner, it is impossible to live in such an environment. It is natural that the basement of the villa becomes a space that no one wants to mention

Liquid water exists in the form of molecular groups, so it has fluidity; Tide exists in the form of a single water molecule, which is about 1200 times smaller than the water molecule group; JS waterproof membrane, a common waterproof material for home decoration, is waterproof because the liquid water of macromolecular group cannot penetrate the waterproof membrane, but there are a lot of pores in the microstructure of the waterproof membrane, and water molecules can easily pass through, so waterproof does not mean moisture-proof

The JS waterproof membrane of some regular manufacturers will be marked "waterproof and breathable" because they know that their products are waterproof and moisture-proof! Do you feel that you have been trapped? In coastal areas, the groundwater level is basically 0.5m below the surface, and the basement is basically 4-8m deep. Therefore, a large amount of liquid water and water vapor permeate the basement from all directions

Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of moisture in the underground space, it is impossible to rely on expensive materials alone, and moisture-proof is the root cause! It is said that only problems are pointed out, but no solutions are given by "hooligans". Electrical appliances not only provide you with professional dehumidifier products for underground space, but also some common sense about moisture-proof in life