September 15,2023

High tech dehumidification system reduces drying time

Industry  Dehumidifier_PH Series The primary and secondary packaging of pasteurized or sterilized plastics and other materials must be reliably dried for subsequent printing, labeling, final packaging, or further processing. In order to avoid drying becoming a bottleneck in production, a mature drying technology is worth considering: "Heat pump based condensation drying"

Heat pump based condensation drying

A few years ago, the pharmaceutical industry discovered this technology, aiming to improve drying quality and optimize the process. The food industry is also benefiting increasingly from this mild, low-temperature drying method. This technology has also entered the plastic industry. The characteristics of this technology are short drying time, high process reliability, and high energy efficiency

High tech dehumidification

According to the requirements of each application, condensation drying can dry any solid substance at low temperatures between 20 ° C and 90 ° C. This is achieved by quickly absorbing any moisture through physical action by passing very dry and therefore unsaturated air through the item to be dried. In the dehumidification process downstream, the air is removed from the moisture it carries. Moisture condensation and discharge of water. Subsequently, the cooling air is recycled and recycled using recycled energy. The dehumidification module that controls the Internal environment of the dryer is an integral part of the drying system. Whether batch or continuous drying is required, this drying system can be integrated into any process

Complete air duct wiring

Two control factors for successful drying of condensing systems: first, as mentioned above, high-tech dehumidification is necessary.

. Secondly, but equally important, the air recirculation system in the drying room must be adjusted to accurately meet the requirements of a specific product given process. Otherwise, it will reduce the performance of the powerful dehumidification module. The air recirculation system installed in the drying room is always dedicated. In a short period of time, the specific air volume in the drying room is crucial for high drying quality. The key factor here is pipeline wiring. Air must actually pass through, or if applicable, through, rather than through items to be dried. And because the air wants to go through the channel with the minimum resistance,