Why Supermarkets Need Humidifier Misting Systems

The best time to finish vegetables is in the morning or when its foggy, because thats when theyve all absorbed a sufficient amount of water to look pale and green.Nowadays, the majority of consumer...

The best time to finish vegetables is in the morning or when it's foggy, because that's when they've all absorbed a sufficient amount of water to look pale and green.

Nowadays, the majority of consumers are accustomed to go to the supermarket to buy what they need. Due to the preservation of technology and other reasons, so that the supermarket vegetables from the appearance or freshness are far less than the farmers' market, reducing the competitiveness of the market. Loss of water will cause weight loss and loss of freshness of vegetables, reduce storage and disease resistance, accelerate the vegetable decay.

Why Supermarkets Need Humidifier Misting Systems

Loss of water in vegetables is "natural wastage", but the greater effect of water loss is to reduce the quality and freshness of the product. Some vegetables do not wilt to the extent of wilting, but water loss affects taste, crispness, texture and color. Product quality affects 93% of consumers, and water loss in vegetables directly affects sales volume and cost of goods sold.

So how do supermarkets keep vegetables in this condition?

In response to this problem, PARKOOTECH develops and manufactures humidifiers and forms a spray humidification system, which can effectively guarantee the quality of vegetables and minimize unnecessary losses.

PARKOO humidifier spray system has the following advantages:

1, to avoid the loss of moisture and weight of vegetables, to ensure product quality. General vegetables, in 24 hours usually reduce the weight of 2% -7%. When the weight of fruits and vegetables is reduced, the appearance and quality are likewise affected.

2, to extend the life of vegetables on the shelf, vegetable freshness time increased, of course, reducing the number of frequent replenishment, saving manpower and resources, cost savings.

3, improve the visual effect of vegetables, spray will look extra fresh, but also more to cater to customer psychology. The freshness of the vegetables will enhance the customer's overall good impression of the supermarket to deal with these products, giving customers a better image and value of the mall.

4, the spray system reduces the vegetables to sell at a reduced price or discarded waste, to ensure that the supermarket's profits.