Central dehumidifier, central dehumidifier system, humidity depends on

The central dehumidifier, the central dehumidifier system, and the humidity are determined by me. Not long ago, a news about indoor mushrooms caused a heated discussion among netizens all over the cou...

The central dehumidifier, the central dehumidifier system, and the humidity are determined by me. Not long ago, a news about indoor mushrooms caused a heated discussion among netizens all over the country. When does a small mushroom have a "hot body"? Ms. Wang, who lives in Hangzhou, grows several large mushrooms at the joint of the floor and wall near the bathroom in her bedroom. According to Ms. Wang, since the delivery of the house, the family has grown for four times. Before, she thought the problem was not serious, so she didn't pay attention to it. Now the mushroom is growing like crazy again, and its shape is strange. At night, it will flow out black liquid, which really scares Ms. Wang

As soon as the video was released, it immediately aroused the resonance of owners who are "in the same boat", and everyone showed mushrooms growing in their own homes! The villa of film and television star Zhang Han is also doomed to grow mushrooms. He once roast on microblog and sent out pictures of mushrooms growing at home. Home is a warm and loving place. How can we allow mushrooms to "dominate" here

According to the statement of relevant personnel, mushrooms grow at home, and the processing and production of wood boards are not in place. On the one hand, quality problems occur, and on the other hand, the humid and hot indoor environment provides a hotbed for the growth of fungi. It is understood that the growth temperature of mushroom mycelium is 4-32 degrees, and 20-25 degrees is the most appropriate. Pulling out mushrooms is only a temporary solution rather than a permanent solution. If the indoor environment is not kept dry and the environment suitable for mushroom growth is damaged, the problem will not be eradicated

I believe that we all know the truth that "the dike of a thousand miles is destroyed by the ant nest", and that the humidity behind the small mushrooms is really worth paying attention to

In a humid environment for a long time, the human body will have problems of varying degrees, such as moldy walls and the spread of musty smell, which will cause lung infection; The bed clothes are wet, which will make people uncomfortable. Skin problems such as eczema may occur for a long time, which may also induce some rheumatism and other joint diseases; There are potential safety hazards in surface water outflow

At present, it is summer. Not only Hangzhou, but also other coastal cities along the river are greatly affected by the southeast monsoon, with a lot of precipitation. The humidity problem cannot be ignored

For the natural phenomenon of humidity, people will not be helpless. The way of dehumidification is also evolving

The initial wood chips and charcoal dehumidification is economical and practical, but the effect is twice the effort; Limestone dehumidification requires timely replacement, which is inconvenient to use; With the development of industry, air conditioners have entered people's lives. The main function of air conditioners is to cool and heat, which naturally has its limitations in dehumidification. For example, humidity cannot be set, and the air is easy to be too dry

In order to achieve the real dehumidification effect, more professional dehumidifiers are needed, such as the (ZEDO) central dehumidifier.

Why is it professional? The reasons are as follows

It has a specific range of dehumidification. Nowadays, more and more young people enjoy living alone, creating a warm and comfortable home for themselves, so dehumidification is naturally essential. (ZEDO) Central dehumidification system -- central dehumidifier, which makes dehumidification of small houses possible

It has a delicate and compact shape. If you do not consider the installation method of its central ceiling pipe, its small body can even be placed on the desk at home

But don't underestimate it. Although it is small, its strength should not be underestimated! Its daily dehumidification capacity can reach 20L. Therefore, even if it is really wet in the south and rainy season, you can enjoy dryness in this corner

If you want to cater to young people's choices, intelligence is essential

(ZEDO) central dehumidifier, equipped with intelligent control system

Even if you don't know the indoor humidity value, it can be tested and displayed on the intelligent control panel. If you want to reach a comfortable humidity range of 40-60%, you only need to set the target humidity value with one key, and then leave the rest to it

After reaching the set humidity value, it will automatically stop dehumidification, so you don't have to worry about excessive dehumidification! Convenient dehumidification, that's it

It adopts the central ceiling installation method. People usually use "hidden" to describe people with strong ability and low profile, but in fact, "hidden" to describe the (ZEDO) central dehumidifier system -- the central dehumidifier is perfect! For the sake of beautiful decoration, it will be concealed during installation. Therefore, it is also called pipe dehumidifier or ceiling dehumidifier

It has the advantage of three-dimensional dehumidification, which can evenly take away the moist air in the room. Therefore, for those who have high requirements for indoor aesthetics, it is absolutely right to choose the (ZEDO) central dehumidifier system -- the central dehumidifier

It adopts modular design internally. A key point of using dehumidifier is regular maintenance and cleaning. This alone is enough to make today's young people frown. Even if they find a professional person to deal with it, it will take time and effort


This is the (ZEDO) central dehumidifier system, which creates a comfortable life with quality! Some people say that people who have never lived alone are not real adults. Living alone means that you can treat and enjoy life with your heart. A comfortable living environment can enhance your happiness! In hot and rainy summer, humidity is a problem that must be faced. If you want to get a comfortable home environment, you should work hard on dehumidification! (ZEDO) Central dehumidifier system -- the central dehumidifier creates a dry and comfortable space in the whole house. It's the right choice! All the above contents about central dehumidifier, central dehumidifier system and humidity are provided by Mashima Electric for your reference

Central dehumidifier, central dehumidifier system, humidity depends on