March 23,2023

Corn flour dryer powder dehumidification drying integrated machine

Household Dehumidifier_223 Series

At present, there are not many large-scale mechanized corn flour processing plants in China. Small and medium-sized corn flour plants and simple corn flour processing workshops occupy more markets. The processing method of corn flour is not standardized. Backward open technology, manual operation or partial mechanized operation are adopted. There are simple, unsophisticated, incomplete and low flour yield corn flour processing equipment Poor sanitary conditions, low output, large amount of labor, poor comprehensive utilization, etc

Compared with the method of drying corn flour in the open air, PD45GS corn flour dryer and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine quickly evaporate the liquid moisture in corn flour materials through heating, drying and dehumidifying. The drying time is short, the drying intensity is high, and the wet corn flour is quickly dried, which shortens the working time. Because the materials have little contact with the outside world and are not polluted, the quality of corn flour is good

In the corn flour drying process, gas and coal boilers were used to dry corn flour. Although the cost of these drying methods is low, they have the disadvantages of high pollution, high emissions, high potential safety hazards, secondary pollution and so on. In particular, when encountering open fire, corn flour products are very prone to explosion accidents, bringing property losses to enterprises and personal injuries to workers

Corn flour drying is the last step in the conventional corn flour production process. The moisture content of dehydrated corn flour is 13% - 14%, which cannot be stored or transported for a long time. It must be dried, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate. Therefore, after careful consideration, more and more factories or enterprises decide to replace the drying equipment and choose the safer and more efficient PD45GS corn flour dryer and PD series heating drying dehumidifier

This drying equipment has a high degree of automation. It can directly enter the drying program with one key. It is easy to operate. After drying, it will be a loose powder product, which can be directly bagged and sealed. The overall link uses fewer people, the processing cost is low, the labor intensity is small, the motor energy supply is very environmentally friendly, and the automatic drying and dehumidification device can efficiently complete the drying of corn flour