May 24,2023

Top air dehumidifier, high air volume top air dehumidifier system

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

Up air dehumidifier, high air volume top air dehumidification system

Technical Dynamics

In many industrial places such as production workshops and storage warehouses in factories or enterprises,

High air humidity leads to a decrease in the processing efficiency and quality of products,

In order to maintain long-term dryness of the air, industrial dehumidifiers are generally chosen After using an industrial dehumidifier, even in rainy and rainy seasons, there is no need to worry about humidity

industrial dehumidifiers are generally refrigerated dehumidifiers, which are widely used in industries such as medicine, food, warehousing, tea, and construction

Working principle: Using a compressor refrigeration method, the moisture in the air is condensed into water droplets and collected, and then the dry air is discharged. This cycle achieves the goal of reducing indoor humidity

In practical applications, industrial dehumidifiers have received praise from many customers

◆ Business Xiao Wang: Li Jie, is the machine in use? How is the effect

◆ Purchasing Li Jie: The warehouse has already been used, but the workshop has not been installed yet. The warehouse supervisor said that the dehumidification effect is good, and the humidity drops quickly

The factory workshop and warehouse are no longer damp, and the production efficiency of the workshop is greatly improved. The shelf life of the goods in the warehouse is effectively extended.

The underground garage is no longer damp, making vehicles and pedestrians safer

◆ Property Manager Liu: Since the use of industrial dehumidifiers, the ground and walls of the underground garage have finally dried up. The next project will continue to cooperate

Therefore, in recent years, industrial dehumidifiers have been increasingly popular among people

So, what are the points to pay attention to when purchasing, installing, and using industrial dehumidifiers

◆ Equipment selection: When choosing an industrial dehumidifier, we need to choose the appropriate dehumidifier based on the size of the dehumidification space we need:

Avoid using small models for dehumidification in large warehouses, which cannot achieve dehumidification effects; Avoid using large dehumidifiers for dehumidification in small space workshops, resulting in energy waste