January 27,2023

Humidifier in chemical fiber spinning plant, atomizing humidifier in nylon workshop

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humidifier in chemical fiber spinning plant, atomization humidification device in nylon workshop News Information Does chemical fiber spinning plant need humidification? There is no doubt that the answer is yes! Then, what is the humidity standard of the cotton fiber spinning workshop? Whether humidity control is appropriate is very important for any textile factory. For example, chemical fiber spinning factory, if the humidity is not appropriate, the product quality will be affected. Especially in the low humidity or dry weather season, once the ambient air in the workshop is too dry, the problems of more broken ends and more static electricity will easily occur during production. However, if the humidifying device is used to keep the humidity in the workshop at the standard humidity, it can enhance the strength of the silk thread, reduce breakage, avoid electrostatic interference, ensure the quality of cotton fiber products, and improve the efficiency

The ambient temperature and humidity in the nylon spinning workshop of the chemical fiber factory is one of the important factors affecting the quality of nylon yarn. By strengthening the control of temperature and humidity in the workshop, the side air blowing temperature of the spinning workshop is (26 ± 1) ℃, and the humidity is (75 ± 5)%; The temperature of the post spinning workshop is (30 ± 3) ℃ and the humidity is (65 ± 5)%; The humidity in the inspection workshop should be controlled at (78 ± 5)%, which can effectively improve the quality of nylon yarn and meet the needs of customers

In fact, the specific control of the humidity in the workshop of the chemical fiber spinning plant is related to the requirements of raw materials, product structure, process structure, seasonal changes, energy conservation and economy. After testing, scientific and reasonable humidification of the workshop environment can solve a series of problems that may arise. The quality of nylon products in the chemical fiber spinning plant has a great relationship with the humidity of the workshop. Therefore, humidity control in the nylon textile workshop of the chemical fiber spinning plant is a crucial work content, which directly affects the output and quality of nylon products and the physical and mental health of employees

In general, when the relative humidity of the workshop environment is below 40% RH in the process of nylon spinning production in the chemical fiber factory, the strength of nylon yarn will be very poor; When the humidity is increased to 65~75% RH, the strength of nylon yarn is good; Moreover, if the air is very dry, the conductivity of the articles will be reduced, so it is easier to have static electricity. Now that we know this reason, it is very simple to reduce the breakage of the silk thread and remove static electricity in the nylon spinning process, as long as we install corresponding humidification devices according to their actual needs to conduct scientific and reasonable humidification, so that the overall environmental humidity of the workshop is always above 65% RH, It can well improve the conditions that affect the product quality caused by humidity problems in the workshop

At the same time, it can also greatly improve the working conditions, protect the health of workers, improve the labor productivity, eliminate the interference of various indoor and outdoor environmental factors, keep the production workshop with appropriate humidity, adapt to and meet the special sensitivity of nylon fiber to humidity during processing in the chemical fiber factory, so as to ensure the normal progress of each process, improve the production quality and equipment productivity. How to make use of the air conditioning to meet the requirements of the production of pure cotton high-grade high-quality silk yarn and reduce the impact of workshop air humidity on the production process? More and more nylon spinning workshops in chemical fiber plants have made a lot of beneficial attempts in this regard, and have also achieved great success and effect; For this reason, here we share with you a commonly used spray humidifier for nylon workshop--_ humidifier of nylon workshop and ZS series ultrasonic atomizing humidifier of chemical fiber factory:

[Product weight] It can prevent water loss during the processing and storage of chemical fiber spinning products, which will reduce the weight loss from the common 4% to 0.5%

[Nylon quality] Accurate humidification can maintain the strength and elasticity of nylon, so as to produce better products; And the reduction of off-line also reduces waste

[Electrostatic control] The production of static electricity will lead to the reduction of production and quality, the stagnation of the machine, the discomfort of employees, and even the occurrence of accidents. Increasing humidity can naturally eliminate static electricity and alleviate the above problems

[Spinning efficiency] Reasonable humidification can reduce the fracture of nylon during chemical fiber spinning, reduce the failure rate of the machine, and reduce the breakpoints and nodes in the finished product

[Staff health] The humidifier can provide 5-10 ° C cooling for the chemical fiber spinning workshop, and inhibit dust, fugitive dust and lint. This will provide a healthier and more efficient environment for employees

  _ The humidifier in the nylon workshop of the chemical fiber factory and the ZS series ultrasonic atomization humidifier products adopt the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to achieve the goal of uniform humidification; With air humidification, purification, anti-static and dust prevention, cooling, dust reduction and other purposes; For humidifiers with other humidification methods, it has the following significant advantages: [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency], and [fast humidification speed]:

_ The humidifier in the nylon workshop of the chemical fiber factory and the ZS series ultrasonic atomizing humidifier can not only uniformly humidify a large space, but also locally compensate the humidity in a special space, with high flexibility. Welcome to inquire the details of humidifier in chemical fiber spinning plant and atomizing humidifier in nylon workshop! There are many types of humidifiers, and different brands of humidifiers have different prices and applications. We will provide you with comprehensive after-sales service and high-quality solutions

  _ Control mode of humidifier and ZS series ultrasonic atomizing humidifier in nylon workshop of chemical fiber factory, technical parameters:

◎ Model selection reference: there are many factors to be considered in the selection of humidifiers, such as the volume of indoor space, ambient temperature, equipment heat, ventilation, and air conditioning exhaust, which will affect the humidity of the indoor environment and the humidification effect. In general, a certain margin should be left when calculating the humidification amount, that is, the corresponding humidification amount should be increased, Moreover, the required humidification amount and corresponding humidifier model in the space shall be comprehensively calculated from low humidity humidification to ideal humidity range. For more information about humidifiers in chemical fiber spinning plants and atomizing humidifiers in nylon workshops, please refer to: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, as a widely applicable industrial humidifier--_ The humidifier in the nylon workshop of the chemical fiber factory and the ZS series ultrasonic atomization humidifier are characterized by small atomized particles, large spray volume, uniform humidification, intelligent operation, no pollution, low energy consumption, and low carbon environmental protection type industrial humidification products with high cost performance. After being installed and used for a period of time, the chemical fiber spinning plant not only has the effect of humidifying the ambient air and preventing static electricity (when the humidity is high, the generation of static electricity will be reduced), but also greatly increases the strength of chemical fibers, silk threads and fabrics, reduces the generation of broken ends, and thus reduces the rate of waste products and defective products. Moreover, it can also play a certain cooling effect, dust removal, dust suppression and other effects

The above is all about the humidifier in the chemical fiber spinning factory and the atomization humidifier in the nylon workshop. It mainly introduces the knowledge and methods of the workshop environment humidity control in the process of nylon spinning in the chemical fiber factory. Only reasonable humidity control can make the workshop production efficiency and safety, as well as the product quality be effectively guaranteed, and the working environment of workers be greatly improved. For the humidification needs of different workshops, electrical appliances can provide targeted humidification schemes and corresponding humidification equipment according to their workshop type, area size, initial humidity, humidity requirements, etc