July 04,2023

How big a dehumidifier to buy at home- Selection of household dehumidifiers in Mashima

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How big a dehumidifier to buy at home is better than the technical trend of household dehumidifier model selection. In March and April every year, the annoying weather comes back to the south. It is true that the cold air has not gone away, and the humidity is coming again. At this time, the floor, windows, clothes and so on are all affected by the wet weather and become wet. In order not to disturb our lives with damp, dehumidification appliances will be launched

dehumidifier is a popular product, which shows its powerful functions and makes our life dry. However, how to choose dehumidifier? Of course, you should choose according to the size of the space, the place of use, the living environment, etc. Today, we are talking about the relationship between dehumidifier and space

1、 30-50m ² Space for--_ Small silent household dehumidifier

The general area is 90-100m ² The living room area of about 20 to 30 meters ², The space of this area is generally designed with a daily dehumidification capacity of 28L (30 ℃, RH80%)_ Small silent household dehumidifier, and its power consumption is about 350-420W per hour. The dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier does not need to be too large. If the dehumidification capacity is too large, it will be counterproductive and cause partial dryness in the room

2、 50-80m ² Space for--_ Intelligent household dehumidifier

The living room is 50-60m ² The space of is generally large, and the household area is about 150m ² about. 50-60m ² The space is not too large, but it is not too small. If you want to have a strong moisture absorption capacity, you should choose a daily dehumidification capacity of 58L (30 ℃, RH80%)_ Intelligent household dehumidifier dehumidifier can meet the demand, and the general power consumption of such dehumidifier is 620W-670W per hour

3、 80-120m ² Space - PD-880LB large space villa dehumidifier

has 80m ² The above space generally appears in villas of hundreds of square meters, while the villas generally use multiple dehumidifiers for dehumidification. If only one dehumidifier is used in the space, the daily dehumidification capacity of the selected dehumidifier must exceed 80L (30 ℃, RH80%), such as PD-880LB large space villa dehumidifier to meet the dehumidification demand. In addition, the location of the dehumidifier can select different corners of the space according to the amount of dehumidification, so as to carry out targeted dehumidification. Generally, the power consumption of dehumidifier with a daily dehumidification capacity of 30L is about 720W-780W per hour

[Electrical appliances] Editor's comments: ² However, a dehumidifier with a daily dehumidification capacity of 80L is used in a small space. If it is used less than half an hour, the room will become very dry, so it is not necessary to dehumidify, but to humidify. Therefore, when selecting products, we should rationally and tactfully purchase dehumidifiers suitable for our own use according to the actual situation, so as to ensure a fresh and dry home life