August 19,2023

The air is dry in autumn, so be alert to -third-hand smoke-! Air purification Dehumidifier

Air Conditioner_KY Series In our consistent impression, in the golden autumn of October, the weather is getting colder and the wind is sunny, which is a good time to travel. But in recent years, accompanied by the refreshing autumn weather, it has often been the haze flying, which disrupts the happy mood and has various negative effects on human health. Dust and haze adhere to clothing, furniture, and walls, and over time, the chronic effects are even more difficult to prevent

Why does haze often appear in autumn

Firstly, there is fog. Autumn is the period when the temperature drops and slowly cools down. Under the fusion of cold and hot air, fog is naturally generated Next is haze, with less precipitation in autumn and relatively stable air flow. A large amount of smoke, dust, and other particles are suspended in the air without being blown away or washed away by rain. We confidently held a party in the still air of autumn

Wash clean clothes and air them in the air, completely exposed to the haze. Wet clothes come with adhesive function, allowing a large amount of dust around them to settle in place. Such clothes seem to be full of "third-hand smoke". People who are sensitive to skin and respiratory tract are a great killer - they itch when wearing them and sneeze when shaking So, how can we break free from the heavy fog and open up a pure land of healthy living at home

One click quick drying function, 100m ³/ The high air volume of H circulates hot air, whether it is dry clothes for removing mold in damp weather or indoor dry clothes in foggy weather, it only takes 45 minutes to sprinkle the smell of sunlight on the clothes