What are the types of Dehumidifier purchased according to the use environment

Choose the right Dehumidifier according to your needs1. Choose the right size Dehumidifier for your room area. The optimal size of Dehumidifier depends on the size of the room you want to dehumidify. ...
Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Choose the right dehumidifier according to your needs

1. Choose the right size Dehumidifier for your room area. The optimal size of Dehumidifier depends on the size of the room you want to dehumidify. Measure the square feet of the main room where you will use a dehumidifier. Match the size of Dehumidifier

2. Select the appropriate capacity for the Dehumidifier. In addition to classifying according to room size, Dehumidifier are classified according to the humidity level of a given room. This is measured by the number of species of water extracted from the environment within 24 hours. The result will be a room with your ideal humidity level

For example, a 500 square foot room smells musty and feels wet, so it needs a 40-45 pint Dehumidifier. Please refer to the purchasing guide to determine the size that suits your needs

The Dehumidifier can hold 44 pints (20.8197 liters) every 24 hours, with an area of 2500 square feet (232.257 square meters)

3. Use large industrial dehumidifier for large rooms or basements. Using larger industrial dehumidifiers can quickly remove moisture from the room. Additionally, you do not need to frequently empty the reservoir. However, the purchase cost of large machines is higher, and they use more electricity, which increases the overall cost

4. Purchase special Dehumidifier for some types of regions. If you need a Dehumidifier for a spa, pool room, warehouse or other space, you should purchase a Dehumidifier specially made for these spaces. Please consult the household goods store to find the correct type of Dehumidifier for these locations

5. Purchase a household portable Dehumidifier. If you plan to frequently move a household dehumidifier from one room to another, consider purchasing a portable model. They usually have wheels on their base or are light and easy to move. Using a portable Dehumidifier also allows you to move around the room If you need to dehumidify multiple rooms in your home, you can consider using a dehumidifier in your HVAC system instead of purchasing a single room

6. Consider which features your machine needs. Modern Dehumidifier has multiple functions and settings. The more expensive the machine, the more options. Some potential features include:

Adjustable humidifier: This feature allows you to control the humidity level in the room. Set the humidity regulator to the ideal relative humidity level. Once this level is reached, the machine will automatically shut down

Built in Hygrometer: This instrument reads the humidity level in the room, which helps you accurately set the Dehumidifier to extract water to the maximum extent

Automatic shutdown: when many Dehumidifier reach the set humidity level, or when the water tank is full, it will automatically shut down

Auto-defrost: if the Dehumidifier is excessively used, the frost may easily accumulate on the coil of the machine. This may damage the components of the Dehumidifier. The Auto-defrost option will keep the machine's fan running to thaw the frost


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