'Inconvenient storage of mangoes? What can fruit growers do to safeguard their interests?

It is not easy to do agriculture, half rely on the sky, half rely on deep processing. However, every year we can see a variety of fruit marketing news appeared, for example, this years Spring

It is not easy to do agriculture, half rely on the sky, half rely on deep processing. However, every year we can see a variety of fruit marketing news appeared, for example, this year's Spring Festival of sugar orange cold news broke the whole circle of friends. Once the problem of marketing, the value of the fruit is about zero. This is a deplorable situation for agriculture, compared with foreign countries we still have a big gap. Foreign fruit production industry has formed a perfect industrial chain, although in the fresh food accounted for a relatively large, but they will make the fruit into fruit preserves, dried fruit, fruit canned fruit and other fruit processing products, which is also very important to its consumption of a way out. Mango fresh fruit is not resistant to storage, its economic value is not only limited to the fresh fruit market, deep processing is also a high value-added industries, just dried mango market size of up to 1 billion yuan, and continues to expand.

It is now the peak season for mangoes. This article describes how to use mango dryer for fruit slice drying.

'Inconvenient storage of mangoes? What can fruit growers do to safeguard their interests?

A mango planting base, with a daily output of 2.5 tons of fresh mango slices, the configuration of two dried mango dryer system and material car rack 14, the mango slices from the sugar solution, the need to use a white plastic tray with mango slices, to prevent drying sticky disk, drying the number of decisions about the size of the baking room and the number of material racks, which requires the baking room of the hot air circulation must be uniform, according to the mango slices of the placement of a reasonable design of the baking room The wind path, so that every corner of the baking room has circulating hot air through, so that the drying quality to achieve uniformity. Drying at 50~60℃, it takes 30 hours to finish all the mango drying.

The drying process of dried mango, each stage requires a different temperature to bake, the temperature as well as humidity have high requirements, the pre-drying stage, the need for high-temperature drying, quickly take away most of the moisture, the heat pump dryer using the U.S. high-precision digital sensors, can be accurately detected to the value of temperature, humidity, and at the same time can be set up for different parameters of the data (function mode, temperature parameters, humidity parameters, etc.). The system time can be specifically divided into 5 sections to complete, the first section of 55 degrees, warming, 3 hours, the second section of 60 degrees, the beginning of the dehumidification, the third section of 62 degrees, continuous dehumidification, the fourth section of 58 degrees, the beginning of the cooling dehumidification, the last section of 55 degrees, dehumidification and consolidation. Mango drying is completed back to soft. When the product reaches the moisture content required for drying, generally about 15%-18%, the product can be placed in an airtight container and allowed to soften for 2-3 hours, so that the water content of each part is balanced, the texture is soft and convenient for packaging.

Dried mango is a kind of high value-added dried fruit, in Thailand, the Philippines dried mango is a local specialty snacks, the application of heat pump mango dryer, drying dried mango full color, taste sweet and sour aroma, in fact, the developed countries attach great importance to the processing of agricultural products and the depth of the use of agricultural products, the storage of agricultural products after the birth of the preservation of freshness, processing on the first place in agriculture. In industrially developed countries, more than 80% of the food and more than 50% of the fruits and vegetables to achieve industrialized transformation, Germany's apple processing accounted for 75% of the total output, the United States, Brazil's citrus processing accounted for more than 70% of the total citrus output, the United Kingdom's pear processing accounted for 93% of the total output. Our country's vast territory, rich and diverse products, planting patterns are scattered and messy, in each product, origin, supporting the corresponding processing-oriented enterprises have a long way to go, in fact, jumping out of the fruit to sell fruit, so that farmers share more of the dividends of the development of modern industry, not only to crack the hard to sell the needs of the market for the future, but also for the future of the market reasonable development of the inevitable trend. To meet the different needs of consumers, deep processing and fresh fruit market complement each other, indispensable!

Mango dryer as air energy heat pump green drying equipment, also applies to such as lemon slice drying, dragon fruit drying, longan drying, lychee drying, pineapple slice drying, banana slice drying, passion fruit drying, and other kinds of fruits green drying.