March 14,2023

Damping machine for kang room, moisture regain machine for tobacco baking room

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The technology trend of moisture regain machine for kang room and tobacco curing room is in the harvest season again, and tobacco leaf harvesting and baking are busy; Baking tobacco is a very important link in the whole production process of tobacco; If the tobacco is roasted well, the price is naturally high. If the tobacco is not roasted well, one year's hard work of tobacco growers will be wasted. Tobacco is graded, and the higher the grade is, the higher the value of tobacco is. One of the criteria for judging tobacco grade is the integrity of tobacco. After the tobacco leaves are baked, proper moisture regain treatment must be carried out, because the moisture content of freshly baked tobacco leaves is very low, only 3% - 4%. Such tobacco leaves are dry and fragile, and can not be directly discharged, broken, graded and other operations

Product introduction

Therefore, it is very important to meet the moisture regain of tobacco leaves in order to produce high-quality tobacco leaves! The resurgence of tobacco has always been one of the issues that tobacco growers pay close attention to; The reason is that we all know that the newly baked tobacco leaves have low moisture content and are dry and fragile. If they do not absorb enough moisture to regain moisture and become soft, they will cause great difficulties in pole breaking, grading and transportation. It is easy to destroy the integrity of tobacco, thereby reducing the value of tobacco

Then, do you know what are the methods of tobacco leaf rejuvenation? There are many methods of tobacco leaf moisture regain, among which hot air circulation moisture regain, natural moisture regain and moisture regain with moisture regain machine are the most commonly used methods. However, the hot air circulation moisture regain in the curing room will affect the fresh tobacco leaves on the kang and reduce the use efficiency of the curing room because it will regain moisture in a short time. The method of natural moisture regain will affect the efficiency of moisture regain in the early stage, and will occupy a large area of ground; Therefore, it is not an efficient method of rejuvenation

The product will

_ The special wet flue gas machine and_ The moisture regain machine in the tobacco curing room is used for spray moisture regain. This moisture regain method is easy to control, has high moisture regain efficiency, and will not affect the utilization efficiency of the curing room. It is a commonly used moisture regain method for tobacco growers at present. Generally_ The special wet flue gas machine and_ The moisture regain machine in the tobacco curing room can be used when the temperature in the curing room is about 40 °. The fog is blown into the curing room by the fan above the boiler, and the tobacco leaf is moisture regain at this time. When the tobacco leaf reaches a very soft state, it indicates that moisture regain is ready. Generally, it only takes 1.5-2 hours. If the natural tide returns, it takes 6-7 hours. The utilization rate of the kang room is greatly reduced

◎ Moisture regain standard: the moisture content of cured tobacco leaves is very low (about 3~5%), which is very easy to be broken and difficult to store. Transportation must be carried out after moisture absorption and moisture regain to an appropriate level (14~17% moisture content). The tobacco leaves are held in hand, slightly dry, and can be taken out of the furnace for moisture regain after being properly softened. When the tobacco leaves continue to regain moisture, dry, noiseless, and not easy to break, the base of the leaf vein is not easy to break, and the leaves are soft and not easy to break. Only when the tobacco leaves meet the national purchasing standards can they be graded and sold to the purchasing department

Product application: (ZEDO) tobacco leaf moisture regain machine

Product application: SJ series wet flue gas machine for kang room

The product features

Product application: (ZEDO) flue gas dryer in curing room

Product application: ZS series tobacco curing room moisture regain machine

Product parameters

SJ series humidity flue gas machine for kang room and ZS series moisture regain machine for tobacco leaf baking room have obvious advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency] and [fast humidification speed] for humidifiers of other humidification methods; It plays a very important role in the whole process of tobacco processing and storage. Precautions: the temperature in the tobacco curing room must be between 18 ℃ and 43 ℃ before using the tobacco moisture regain machine to moisture it. Too high or too low temperature will affect the moisture regain effect of tobacco leaves

Product application: SJ series wet flue gas machine for kang room

Product application: ZS series tobacco curing room moisture regain machine

To sum up the above discussion

However, some things must be paid attention to when using the moisture regain machine in the tobacco leaf kang room and curing room: the moisture regain treatment of tobacco leaf should be completed in the curing room as far as possible to reduce the chance of contacting dry tobacco leaf, which saves labor and reduces tobacco leaf damage; When it is raining or the air humidity is high, it is not suitable to take the tobacco out of the furnace. When it is necessary to take the tobacco out of the furnace, plastic film should be used to cover the tobacco leaves to prevent excessive moisture regain. When the tobacco leaves are taken out of the furnace, they should be handled with care to avoid breakage of the tobacco leaves; As far as possible, the discharged tobacco shall not be directly placed on the ground. Plastic film and other materials shall be paved on the ground. The outdoor storage time shall not exceed 3 hours. It shall be transported to the indoor storage as soon as possible; The moisture content of tobacco leaves should be controlled between 14% and 15%, that is, "firm but not soft, and bundle is not broken"

Now, many tobacco growers all over the country have adopted the_ The special wet flue gas machine and_ After all, time is money for tobacco growers. Using it can not only improve the quality of tobacco, but also achieve the purpose of humidifying and increasing the weight of tobacco, so that the value of tobacco increases. The weight also determines how much tobacco can be sold. Of course, the moisture regain degree of flue-cured tobacco also needs to be grasped. Check the moisture regain progress at intervals. Generally, the moisture regain degree of tobacco can be judged from the morphological characteristics of tobacco leaves. All the above contents about the special wet smoke machine for kang room and the moisture regain machine for tobacco baking room are provided by the electrical appliances for your reference only