May 18,2023

Dehumidifying machine for sponge product drying workshop, drying and dehumidifying device for sponge processing

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Sponge drying workshop dehumidification machine, drying and dehumidification device for sponge processing technology, continuous rainy and humid weather, what do small businesses use to dry sponge products with high moisture content? Many sponge product processing factories have encountered a problem where in summer, when outdoor temperatures reach over 40 degrees Celsius, natural drying can take about a week to process the required output for customers However, during the rainy season, the outdoor temperature is around 10-20 degrees Celsius, and it will take over a month to adopt the previous natural drying method. Manager Liu is also very confused because there are many sponge product drying equipment on the market, each with their own arguments and advantages, which puts Manager Liu, who knows nothing about drying equipment, into a difficult situation

Electrical appliances have been committed to drying and dehumidification technology for 18 years. When I told sponge product processing factories that companies like you with low production in the early stages can use the PD-45GS sponge product drying and dehumidification machine and the PD series heating drying and dehumidification integrated machine. That is to say, the energy consumption in the first 4-5 hours is slightly higher, which is about 5 kilowatts. In the second stage, the energy consumption is basically no longer used. Put a batch of materials in and you don't need to worry about it. You can basically bake for about 8 more hours

The principle is the same as the air conditioning at home. Upon hearing this, the sponge product processing factory felt that this major problem had been solved and said they needed to schedule a time to come and see it in person. Next, I will talk about the advantages of the PD-45GS sponge product drying and dehumidification machine and the PD series heating, drying and dehumidification integrated machine:

1 When drying sponge products at low temperatures (15-45 ℃), energy consumption can be saved by 40-70%

2. Low temperature drying is a mild drying method that is close to natural drying

3. The temperature, humidity, and circulating flow rate of the circulating air can be effectively controlled

4. Throughout the entire process, achieve zero emissions and truly green drying

5. The time can be set, which greatly saves baking time

6. It is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology, with mature process technology, stable and reliable performance, and long service life