May 19,2023

Industrial dehumidifier for basement parking garage

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

The industrial dehumidifier technology used in the basement parking garage is dynamic and rainy. In addition, the outdoor temperature is getting higher and the temperature inside the underground garage is very low, forming a temperature difference that increases the air humidity.

This way, water vapor will condense on the wall surface or gaps, which is the fundamental reason for the humidity in the underground garage.

The dampness of underground garages can have a significant impact on both floor builders and owners.

1. Hangzhou Huancheng North Road High end Real Estate Club - Xinhuhui& Green City Property

The humidity situation in the underground garage is not considered serious, but the owner has high requirements for environmental air quality. Based on the actual situation of the project site and the user's requirements for humidity values:

Suggested configuration_ 35 industrial dehumidifiers for long-term humidity control in the warehouse

2. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Qianjiang Century City - Country Garden Longyue

The underground garage is relatively damp, with heavy moisture visible to the naked eye, and only a few areas have dry ground

Referring to professional advice, the property ultimately chose to use multiple units_ And_ industrial dehumidifiers are used in conjunction with dehumidifiers

3. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake - Country Garden under construction project

The underground garage is facing a severe moisture situation, with severe condensation on the ground and roof, and moldy and peeling walls. The project urgently needs to be delivered

Property selection adopts the entire warehouse_ Industrial dehumidifier, fast and efficient dehumidification, to reduce moisture and continue to damage the decoration, ensuring the smooth completion of the project

  _ The basement parking lot dehumidifier and PD series intelligent industrial dehumidifier help solve the problem of humidity in the underground garage, and provide you with a dry and comfortable underground space

Electrical appliances have professional technical and business personnel, and we will design the most suitable dehumidification scheme for you based on the actual situation of your underground garage.