June 30,2023

Greenhouse humidity control system

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Greenhouse humidity control machine, greenhouse humidity control system

Greenhouses and greenhouses are the common way to cultivate fruits and vegetables today.

Whether it can grow well or not, the air humidity has an important influence

The air humidity in the shed has a significant impact on transpiration, photosynthesis, disease occurrence and physiological disorder of fruits and vegetables

Effect of air humidity on fruits and vegetables in greenhouse

1. Affect transpiration of fruits and vegetables

The air humidity is high, the transpiration of trees is weak, the ability of plants to transport mineral nutrients is reduced, and at the same time, it prevents the leaves from adjusting temperature, which may cause burns

If the air humidity is too low, the leaves will die due to insufficient internal water vapor supply

2. Affect plant photosynthesis

If the air humidity is too high or too low, the stomata of plants will be closed, CO2 cannot enter the mesophyll cells, and photosynthesis will slow down or even stop

3. High humidity makes fruits and vegetables weak

High humidity will cause moisture condensation on the leaf surface, which will cause cell breakage on the leaf surface and make the plant weak

4. Humidity induces the propagation of bacteria, and dryness induces the pest

The germination of most fungal spores and the development of shoot filaments require high humidity

The low humidity is conducive to the occurrence of insect pests, for example, mites such as spider are prone to occur in the environment of high temperature and low humidity

In the greenhouse environment, soil evaporation, spray water supplement, and plant transpiration often make the air and water vapor in the greenhouse reach saturation,

Secondly, the temperature difference inside and outside the greenhouse is large, and condensation often occurs. Therefore, humidity is a prominent problem in the greenhouse environment

In particular, the southward weather and plum rain season in the south will come one after another, and the air dehumidification in fruit and vegetable greenhouses deserves more attention

(ZEDO) greenhouse greenhouse humidity control machine, powerful and balanced dehumidification in large space, creating a reasonable humidity environment in the greenhouse

[(ZEDO) · Greenhouse Humidity Control Machine] Create a reasonable humidity environment in a large area, and freely adjust humidity

Powerful large area dehumidification, safe and high-strength cold-rolled plate, convenient movement of universal wheels

The greenhouse humidity control machine is specially designed and developed for large-scale places such as enterprise production storage, underground garage and museum

The overall design is based on the vertical cabinet, with vertical air outlet at the top to increase air circulation,

Large area of strong dehumidification, so that the entire application site can be balanced dehumidification

High quality compressor, thickened cold rolled epoxy spray plate, strong dehumidification, stable operation and durability

(ZEDO) Greenhouse greenhouse humidity control machine, large area balanced dehumidification, to solve the greenhouse, underground garage, production workshop, warehouse storage and other environmental humidity problems

(ZEDO) greenhouse greenhouse humidity control machine, large space strong balanced dehumidification, create a reasonable humidity environment for fruit and vegetable greenhouses, and protect the healthy growth of fruits and vegetables

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