May 19,2023

Steam processing equipment

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The technological trends of steam processing machines and steam collection and processing equipment are aimed at solving the problem of large amounts of steam, such as breweries, food factories, traditional Chinese medicine factories, as well as processing enterprises such as soy sauce factories, large soy sauce factories, and soybean product factories. Research and summary have found that these processing enterprises have some commonalities. The food production workshops of these enterprises need to solve a problem. The steam generated during the production process must be discharged from the room to avoid affecting product quality, workshop environment, and production safety Without a doubt, most food processing enterprises inevitably produce steam during the production of food. Due to different processing techniques, the amount of steam generated varies, which often affects the operation of production workers and even product quality. Especially in winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. When it is cold, steam will float to the roof and condense into small water droplets, making the entire workshop damp, especially in winter. The problem of removing steam in food factories must be addressed

Through research on electrical appliances, it has been found that the PD-300D hoisting steam processing machine and the PD series steam collection and processing integrated machine are the best and most economical products to solve the steam problem in food factories, ensuring safe production in the workshop and comfortable working environment for employees.

Electrical Appliances has found that when choosing equipment to remove water vapor, food factory owners first consider the effectiveness.

. Spending money to solve problems is effective! The good steam removal effect of steam removal is mainly reflected in the large removal air volume, which enables the rapid removal of outdoor steam in the workshop. Secondly, its durability should be considered. Due to certain issues and humidity in the steam of food factories, high-quality steam removal is required to ensure low maintenance, long service life, and peace of mind during use. Then, consider investment and usage costs. The investment and usage costs are related to whether the boss can use them

In order to help you better understand how to choose a suitable food processing enterprise to remove steam from the workshop, why is the PD-300D lifting steam processing machine and the PD series steam collection and processing integrated machine the most suitable choice?

. The following will provide a detailed explanation of the actual situation of the food factory:

A 1000 square meter food factory is filled with large steamers used for cooking food. During the production process, a large amount of steam is generated, which will permeate the entire workshop. Based on the situation in the above workshop, it is recommended to use PD-300D hoisting steam processing machine and PD series steam collection and processing integrated machine, installed above the steaming and boiling pot. When steam is generated during the production process, it can be quickly sucked in, condensed into water, and removed So, why did a food factory choose this steam collection and processing equipment? Steam removal, collection and treatment, and condensate recovery have good effects: Food factories generate a relatively large amount of steam, which needs to be quickly collected and removed in a short period of time to achieve results. Super durable! Stable quality and performance! Long service life! Easy to install, no need to worry