Dehumidifier and humidifier help you improve indoor air

Low indoor humidity can have various harmful effects on the body. From dry skin to itchy throat, no one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own home Fortunately, there is a way to correct this situat...

Low indoor humidity can have various harmful effects on the body. From dry skin to itchy throat, no one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own home Fortunately, there is a way to correct this situation. Turn to the humidifier and safely add moisture to the indoor air. Some even use whole house humidifiers to solve the problem of low indoor humidity

Dehumidifier and humidifier help you improve indoor air

Clean up neglected areas

In our homes, there are places like kitchen and bathroom sinks, which are the main places for mold and mold growth. Please remember to regularly pull everything out of the sink and check for any leaks or pests to ensure that your home is in top condition

Clean and maintain your humidifier

Once you have a new humidifier, you need to ensure that it maintains its pointed shape.

. This will require some limited maintenance, including cleaning the water tank, using a descaling solution, especially if you have hard water and wiping the house. The maintenance required depends on your specific model, so you need to refer to its user manual. We have some great information on how to clean the humidifier to help you get started

Use an intelligent thermostat to control multiple comfort solutions

Control and monitor your indoor air quality whether at home or away from a Wi Fi thermostat.

. Many of these new thermostats will learn from your home routines and automatically adjust to your preferred temperature when you cool down, heat up, etc. Some can even control your home's humidification, dehumidification, air purification systems, and so on

Don't forget to clean your appliances

From the kitchen stove to the fans in the bedroom, our household appliances can quickly capture dust and debris.

. Spring is the best time to thoroughly clean these appliances. Take out your reliable cloth or cleaning brush and give your appliances the care they deserve Do not miss heating and cooling during cleaning. Many households are installing efficient tubeless mini split air conditioners. These specific systems have a compressor and indoor unit that require daily maintenance, usually at the beginning and end of each cooling season. We have gathered some techniques and resources to help you solve your small split cleaning needs

Install the whole house indoor air quality system PARKOO industrial dehumidifier

If you are looking for a more relaxed way to protect the indoor air quality of your family or enterprise, please check the whole family solution. We carry all kinds of indoor air purifiers, dehumidifier and humidifiers. These permanent solutions are very beneficial for homeowners to rest assured that the air in their homes is taken care of 24/7, 365 days a year

Preventing humidity issues in industrial environments

Protecting your commercial facilities, workshops, factories, or garages is very important.

. Indoor humidity can cause serious damage to your machines and employees. As a kind of heavy industrial Dehumidifier to solve this common problem faced by many enterprises. These humidifiers are designed to withstand the harsh commercial environment, with simple functions and easy operation, making them suitable for buildings of all sizes

Keep allergens outdoors

Spring is rapidly developing, accompanied by pollen and other allergens.

. Although you can't do much about what happens outside, you can take measures to prevent irritants from interacting with you indoors. Before entering the home, from keeping doors and windows closed to taking off shoes, you can take various measures to leave allergens outside

Steam Cleaning Counter and Floor Improvement Bacteria Control Tank Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for a powerful cleaning agent, you can easily clean almost any other surface such as floors, counters, etc. with just a small amount of water and electricity, and then check the steam cleaner.

. Many chemically sensitive individuals have found that steam cleaners are the perfect solution for deep cleaning without the need to address the issue of using traditional cleaners. Our common questions about steam cleaning are an important resource for learning more information