August 05,2023

Is the body damp- How to dehumidify ordinary people

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In spring, the weather in the south is humid and people feel very uncomfortable The heavy moisture in the body leads to obesity again! Many people, despite dieting and being light, still cannot lose weight because of the obstruction of moisture in their bodies

To comprehensively dispel dampness, there are three aspects:

Firstly, to strengthen the spleen Secondly, control the humidity of the home environment Thirdly, exercise more to sweat out

In the body, there are two organs that manage water, one is the kidney and the other is the spleen. The kidneys like water, while the spleen dislikes water and prefers dryness Kidney yang can react with food nutrition, generate body temperature and heat, evaporate water upward and evaporate, which is the ability of the kidneys to distribute water throughout the body After talking about the kidneys, now it's time to talk about the spleen The spleen is in charge of the intestines and stomach, absorbing water from the body into the blood. The blood then transports this water back to the kidneys, and some of it is converted into urine, thus forming a circulation of bodily fluids

To dispel dampness, we need to start with Jianpi Tang

Ginseng costs 3 yuan, Atractylodes macrocephala costs 3 yuan, Angelica sinensis costs 3 yuan, White Poria cocos costs 1 yuan, White peony costs 1 yuan, Shenqu costs 1 yuan, Wu Yu costs 1 yuan, Da Fu Pi costs 4 yuan, Chen Pi costs 4 yuan, Sha Ren costs 5 yuan, and malt costs 5 yuan.

The self circulation of dampness removal in the body is the healthy and stable method of dampness removal! Internal and external treatment

Controlling the air humidity in the home living environment can more effectively dehumidify

BAO dehumidifier. In wet and cold weather, many people often worry about whether to buy a dehumidifier or just turn on the air conditioner directly? There is a specialty in the industry. Compared with air conditioners, dehumidifier are naturally more efficient in reducing humidity. However, considering the size of the space, small families or renters who live below 10 floors can use air conditioners as long as they always maintain ventilation, otherwise they will be compressed to storage space

PARKOO Dehumidifier is designed to meet the most stringent humidity/humidity control requirements, and can range from household dehumidification schemes to complex industrial dehumidifier engineering systems After both internal and external cultivation, only by exercising and expelling toxins can one remain healthy Overall, it's not about eating anything to dispel dampness, but about understanding the causes of dampness and the impact of the surrounding environment