May 22,2023

Substation dehumidifier, substation high-voltage switchgear dehumidification system

Household Dehumidifier_PD11 Series

The technology trends of dehumidifiers in substations and high-voltage switchgear dehumidification systems in substations are well known. Every summer is the peak period of electricity consumption, and the sharp increase in electricity load poses a severe challenge to the safe operation of the power grid. After the summer, the power plants of the State Grid Power Supply Company carry out special inspections of the substation's line equipment, infrared temperature measurement of power equipment, and humidity measurement of high-voltage rooms every day, while keeping temperature and humidity measurement records

Through a period of recording, it was found that the humidity in the high-voltage room has been consistently high, with a maximum humidity of over 90%. Occasionally, the sound of discharge in the high-voltage room can be heard. After inspection, it was found that condensation occurred in the cable compartment and busbar compartment of the high-voltage switchgear, leading to the discharge of power equipment

In order to prevent safety hazards from occurring, the power plant of the station consulted with the electrical appliances for dehumidification of the high-voltage room switchgear. After detailed communication, they decided to have the electrical appliances carry out overall dehumidification treatment for the high-voltage room in the station to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the distribution network power supply in their jurisdiction

In today's modern world, it is relatively simple to deal with the problem of dehumidification in distribution rooms, just purchase_ Substation dehumidifiers and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers are sufficient. It can reduce the humidity of the air inside the cabinet and suppress the entry of humid air from the outside, effectively solving the problem of humidity. It plays a significant role in preventing equipment aging, insulation strength reduction, secondary terminal breakdown, material mold, and steel structure corrosion caused by moisture and condensation in the cabinet

Through follow-up visits to the station, it has been found that the humidity of the high-voltage room switchgear in the station has reached the normal range without any discharge phenomenon. The installation and use of multiple industrial dehumidifiers have solved the discharge phenomenon caused by humidity inside the switchgear, providing effective protection for the safe operation of the power grid

Electrical appliances, we would like to remind everyone that if there is a discharge phenomenon in the switchgear, it must be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise it is easy to cause power failures, which may seriously lead to power accidents