July 16,2023

The humidifier in the hot stamping workshop is equipped with a humidifying device for the hot stamping machine

Household Dehumidifier_223 Series

The dynamic stamping workshop is a common industrial workshop in the printing industry, with high requirements for the air environment in the workshop, especially for air humidity, dust and static electricity issues, which should be controlled within a certain range. When the workshop environment does not meet the standard, an industrial humidifier can be installed to humidify, remove dust and static electricity

Hangzhou Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industrial humidifier manufacturer with 18 years of professional experience. Its (ZEDO) brand industrial humidifiers mainly use the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation atomization to quickly atomize water, forming a large number of micrometer sized water mist particles floating in the air, increasing relative humidity, settling dust, and preventing static electricity. They are widely used, including hot stamping More than 20 industry workshops, including printing workshops

Recently, a plastic products company in Shenzhen has customized a spray humidification solution for its bronzing workshop to deal with low humidity and static electricity. After the unremitting efforts of professionals, the humidification project in the stamping workshop was quickly completed

On site in the workshop, you can see that the ZS-120Z stamping workshop humidifier and the ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier are installed through a suspended tee and covered by PVC pipes throughout the entire workshop. This water mist can effectively improve humidity, remove dust and static electricity, and thereby improve work efficiency and product quality

In fact, the number and installation location of industrial humidifiers selected in different industrial workshops are different. This also requires electrical technicians to survey workshop conditions such as textile, electronics, printing, papermaking, spraying, injection molding, stamping, etc. to obtain area, layer height, initial humidity, target humidity, etc., and use this as a basis for design plans, equipment selection, installation and debugging.

, Reduce costs, energy consumption, and environmental protection while providing sufficient humidity