June 05,2023

Dehumidifier in the basement machine room, moisture-proof and anti condensation in the basement machine room

Household Dehumidifier_221 Series

It is well known that the dehumidifier in the underground machine room and the technology trends of moisture-proof and anti condensation in the basement machine room. Because of the long-term operation of important water pump system control equipment, the machine room in the water pump room has high requirements for environmental humidity, and the air humidity is required to be controlled below 50% RH

In other areas of the water tank base, the relative humidity is generally required to be below 70% RH, but even when the room temperature is above 30 ℃ in summer, the humidity shall not exceed 75% RH

In addition, the water pump room and its machine room are generally set in the basement, which generally has the problem of air humidity. It is very humid all the year round, the wall "sweats", the ground has water, condensation and corrosion are serious

It can be seen that the humidity control of the basement pump room and machine room is indispensable! In order to meet the requirements of equipment operating conditions, indoor environment needs to be equipped with industrial dehumidifiers for scientific dehumidification and humidity control

Project site: underground water pump room of a new community in Hangzhou

1. Space size of the machine room: the area is about 300 ㎡, the floor height is 5.5 m, and there are several connected separated areas

2. Humidity control requirements: the overall relative humidity shall be controlled below 70% RH to prevent moisture, condensation and corrosion

3. Machine installation mode: floor type movable dehumidifier equipment is selected, which is convenient and fast, without complex installation

4. Recommended machine allocation scheme: 2 sets of dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 240L/D_ Dehumidifier for underground machine room

Note: The dehumidifier's appearance color, overall dimensions, optional temperature control function module, 485 remote control module, etc. can be customized according to the project requirements. Welcome to inquire the details of the dehumidifier in the basement machine room and the moisture-proof and anti condensation of the basement machine room

  _ Technical parameters of dehumidifier in underground machine room and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier:

(220V model: _/_/PD-880LB/_/_)

(380V model: _/_/_/_)

[Requirements for dehumidifier leasing business] Provide flexible leasing schemes to meet customers' short-term and long-term leasing requirements

[Dehumidifier rental charging standard] The price can be determined according to the rental model, rental quantity and rental days

◎ Precautions for model selection -- The selection of dehumidification capacity and model of dehumidifier is mainly based on the volume of the used environmental space, the size of fresh air volume, the humidity requirements required by the space environment and other specific values for scientific calculation. In addition, it should be noted that the relative humidity of the environment is related to the temperature of the environment. The higher the temperature is, the faster the humidity will evaporate. On the contrary, the worse the effect will be. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, you need to select the type under the guidance of professionals, so that you can select the dehumidifier that is most suitable for you

Core tips: electrical appliances should provide a reasonable dehumidifier configuration scheme in combination with the humidity control requirements of the water pump room and the environmental conditions of each project site; According to the current and target humidity values of the environment, other influencing factors are comprehensively considered to calculate the required dehumidification amount and provide the corresponding dehumidifier equipment

The electrical appliances adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship and build a dream of being made in China; Focus on the R&D and production of equipment in the field of air temperature and humidity, and provide reasonable air temperature and humidity solutions with reliable product processes, professional technical teams and high-quality services. All the above contents about the dehumidifier in the basement machine room and the moisture-proof and anti condensation of the basement machine room are provided by Zhengdao Electric, for your reference only