July 01,2023

Grape storage humidifier, fruit storage humidifier

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Grape fresh-keeping warehouse humidifier, fruit fresh-keeping warehouse humidifier news planting grapes, not only to master the planting technology, but also to master the fresh-keeping warehouse storage technology. Planting is important, but so is fresh-keeping storage. Don't let everyone's hard work go to waste in the last link of storage and freshness preservation. Next, let's see how to use the fresh-keeping warehouse to store grapes and how to do well in warehousing management

Key points of storage technology in grape fresh-keeping warehouse: grapes are still a living organism after being picked from trees during the whole storage period in the fresh-keeping warehouse, and continue to carry out life activities. Since the supply of water and other substances is cut off, its life activities are maintained by consuming various nutrients accumulated. In the storage of grape fresh-keeping storeroom, the purpose of prolonging the storage life of grape fresh-keeping storeroom is to control environmental conditions, inhibit vigorous life activities and delay natural maturity. There are three basic factors

1. Temperature: within a certain temperature range, the respiration intensity of grapes changes with the temperature, and the respiration is strong when the temperature is high; If the temperature is low, it will weaken. The stability of temperature during storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse is very important. The fluctuation of temperature during storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse can stimulate the activity of hydrolase in the fruit, enhance respiration, and increase the consumption of nutrients in the fruit. Therefore, the temperature should not fluctuate greatly during the storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse, but it is difficult to do so in the actual storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse. If the temperature is too high, mildew will occur, which is easy to rot the pit

II. Humidity: During the storage of grapes in the fresh-keeping warehouse, the water continuously evaporates to a certain extent, causing shrinkage and wrinkles. Not only does the fruit lose weight, but more importantly, it weakens the storage and disease resistance of the fresh-keeping warehouse. However, the relative humidity is generally required to be 85-90% RH during the storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse. At this time, the grape can avoid excessive evaporation of water, and at the same time, it will not damage the normal physiological functions of the fruit

In order to prevent the temperature of the warehouse from dropping or rising, or the temperature of each area in the warehouse is different, the management personnel of the fruit and vegetable cold storage should regularly check and register the temperature and humidity of the warehouse. For example, if the relative humidity of the warehouse is low due to the frost formation and defrosting of the evaporator in the warehouse, the warehouse humidity can be increased by spraying water on the ground, spraying wet sawdust, placing large water containers, etc, In order to avoid the occurrence of grape quality deterioration such as withering and separation. However, these traditional "soil methods" often achieve less than ideal results

Therefore, the fresh-keeping warehouse with low temperature and high humidity needs scientific means to increase the humidity, and the most simple and effective means is to install an industrial humidifier in the fresh-keeping warehouse, through which the water vapor in the air is continuously replenished. Although the water vapor in the air is continuously condensed during the circulation process, it is also replenished, so as to improve the relative humidity in the warehouse! At present, there are many types of industrial humidifiers on the market, but few products are used for cold storage, which is a low temperature and high humidity environment_ Grape storage humidifier and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier can completely meet the humidification needs of cold storage, preservation storage, ripening storage, acid discharge storage, pre cooling storage, air-conditioning storage and other low temperature and high humidity environments

  _ The humidifier of grape fresh-keeping warehouse and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier products have the obvious advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomized energy efficiency] and [fast humidification speed] for humidifiers of other humidification methods, so as to avoid waste due to excessive humidity and achieve the purpose of saving water and electricity. It has a very good effect on the preservation of vegetables and fruits in the cold storage. You are welcome to consult the details of the fresh-keeping humidifier in the cold storage

1. Prolong the storage period of fruits, vegetables and meat, which is generally 1-2 times longer than that of ordinary refrigerated warehouses. When they are stored to the most expensive price, they can be sold on the market to obtain the highest profit

2. It can keep the freshness and brittleness of fruits and vegetables. The water, vitamin c content, sugar, acidity, hardness, color and weight of fruits and vegetables after storage can meet the storage requirements

3. The fruit is crisp and the cold storage is green, which is almost the same as the newly picked fruit. It can provide high-quality fruits and vegetables to the market

4. It can inhibit the occurrence of diseases and pests of fruits and vegetables, and minimize the weight loss of fruits and vegetables and the loss of diseases and pests

5. The shelving period of fruits and vegetables can be extended to 21 to 28 days, while the shelving period of fruits and vegetables in ordinary refrigerated warehouses can only last for about 7 days before they deteriorate

  _ Control mode of humidifier for grape fresh-keeping warehouse and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier, technical parameters:

III. Air: normal respiration requires the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide, so the proportion and concentration of gas components during storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse have a great impact on the storage effect of the fresh-keeping warehouse. Reducing the concentration of low oxygen in a certain fresh-keeping warehouse storage environment and increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruits and extend the storage life of the fresh-keeping warehouse

Management before warehousing: because the suitable harvest time is concentrated in the first ten days of August October, the temperature outside the warehouse is high, and the grapes just harvested have a lot of field heat, high respiratory intensity, fast material transformation, which is unfavorable for the storage in the fresh-keeping warehouse; Therefore, pre cooling is required before warehousing. The purpose of precooling is to reduce the fruit temperature, the storage temperature and the external temperature, weaken the respiratory intensity and improve the storage capacity of the fresh-keeping warehouse

All the above contents about the humidifier in the grape fresh-keeping warehouse and the humidifier in the fruit fresh-keeping warehouse are about the storage and fresh-keeping technology of grapes introduced by the electric appliance. It can be seen that through this method, most grapes can be stored for 1 to 2 months, and the cold storage can be used for up to 4 months at most. This not only realizes the long-term storage of grapes, but also bypasses the grape marketing season to achieve the off-season marketing, Improve the income of growers

Warm reminder: enterprises using fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerators: in order to better realize the fresh-keeping value of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerators, in addition to the construction of high-quality fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerators, standardized management of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerators is also essential. I hope it will help you with the standardized use of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping refrigerators after construction! In a word, as long as the storage and freshness are well done, fresh grapes can be eaten all year round