Five methods to diy simple Dehumidifier

You may know that a high humidity environment can lead to the growth of mold spores. Excessive mold can cause nausea, headache, fatigue, tingling, numbness, and more sensations. Of course, the treatme...
You may know that a high humidity environment can lead to the growth of mold spores. Excessive mold can cause nausea, headache, fatigue, tingling, numbness, and more sensations. Of course, the treatment is to reduce the humidity and maintain it, but how do you do this without spending a lot of money to buy an electric dehumidifier

Here are five ways to make your own Dehumidifier. These Dehumidifier are super easy to do because you only need very basic materials that are cheap. Please note that if you want to dehumidify a large area, you may need to buy parkoo dehumidifier, because they are more effective than the following DIY Dehumidifier. Simply see our homepage articles and guides to help you choose the best electric Dehumidifier for yourself

Five methods to diy simple Dehumidifier

Preparations before self-made Dehumidifier Based on our experience, people have achieved great success using the moisture absorbents listed below. But in order to ensure that your work can work properly, it is very important to buy a cheap Hygrometer or Hygrometer

The Hygrometer can reduce a lot of guessing work to verify the effect of your self-made Dehumidifier

Before making a DIY hygroscopic device, simply take a humidity reading and wet it again.

. If your self-made Dehumidifier is effective, the humidity level should drop satisfactorily

There are five ways to build a self-made Dehumidifier

. So for our first self-made Dehumidifier, let's take a look at the natural Dehumidifier

1. Rock salt Dehumidifier? Try this rock salt dehumidifier and see your ideas

You need

drill bits or similar drilling equipment

<2 barrels Viola, You just made your own humidity absorbent

2. Calcium chloride Dehumidifier

Calcium chloride hygroscopic agents are easier to manufacture than rock salt dehumidifiers.

You will need



A medium/large bowl or container

Calcium chloride (you can purchase it from a certain store)


Place calcium chloride in the sock and tie a knot at the open end of the sock

Tie the rope to the knot of the sock and hang the sock in a suitable place

Place the bowl under the sock or sock, collect and generate Water Ensure that the bowl is large enough that over time, calcium chloride will become liquid. Replace calcium chloride as needed

3. Silicone Water Absorber

Silicone is something that dehumidifies desiccants.

So what you actually manufacture here is a desiccant hygroscopic agent. How cool is it

You will need

a jar with a lid

a hammer and nail (or something else to punch holes in the lid)

Silicone (purchased from a certain treasure here - with humidity indicator)

Please note that silicone comes in different sizes of packaging, including 1g, 5g, and 10g sizes. We suggest you buy 10g bags


Make a bunch of small holes on the tank cover

Fill the tank with silica gel

Screw the cover back on the tank

Are these self-made Dehumidifier easy to manufacture

4. Super efficient coffee whitening agent Dehumidifier. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts

You will need

a large bowl or container

a coffee whitening agent (you can purchase it on a certain treasure)


Fill the bowl or container with coffee whitening

Place the bowl or container filled with water in a damp place

Wait until the coffee is thickened

Replace the coffee whiteboard

Although using a large amount of coffee is the best method, the whitening agent may be expensive.

. If you have, or know someone who can purchase a large amount of coffee whitening agent at a very reasonable price, that would be great

5. Hygroscopic crystal

You need


2 containers/barrels/barrels of similar size to your lips

Moisture absorbing crystals (buy Amazon's excellent crystals here)


Drill a pile of holes at the bottom of one of the containers

Place the perforated container at the top of the entire container.

, So that the water can be discharged into the whole container

It is not easy to put the hygroscopic crystals into the container with holes

Self made household dehumidifier