June 03,2023

Dehumidifier in food factory workshop, 1000m ² Dehumidification plan for food workshop

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dehumidifier in food factory workshop, 1000m ² Technical trends of dehumidification scheme in food workshop In food production, everyone knows that the index of relative humidity is very important, whether it is a large factory or a small factory. Why

Below is a brief analysis of the impact of poor control of relative humidity in the food processing dust-free workshop

What causes the increase of workshop humidity? What can be done to reduce humidity? There is no doubt that the_ The dehumidifier in the food factory workshop and the PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier are the most simple and effective methods at present

1. In humid and rainy weather, the ambient humidity is too high or the temperature control is unstable, and the temperature is sometimes high or low

2. The poor design of the workshop leads to poor ventilation. The designed workshop room cannot effectively convection to bring moisture out of the workshop. The cooling and packaging room cannot be in a positive pressure state. The ceiling is flat like the ordinary workshop, which causes waste heat and residual moisture to stay in the workshop. A large amount of condensation occurs on the ceiling board, which can not be effectively collected but drops irregularly, leading to increased humidity

3. The steam generated in the hot working process or gathered in the cooling process is not pumped away in time. In the food hot processing process, it is generally necessary to provide continuous and sufficient steam, or a large amount of steam will be generated when baking products are cooled, or steam will be generated when hot water is used to clean and disinfect processing appliances. If it is not timely and effectively pumped away, it is easy to form a high temperature and high humidity environment in the workshop. After air condensation, a large number of condensate droplets will gather on the ceiling and wall

Therefore, high temperature and high humidity areas and non high temperature and high humidity areas must be effectively separated to place unnecessary convection of cold and hot air, which will cause condensation, especially after baking and between cooling belts, condensate drops often accumulate on products

4. After the workshop was cleaned and disinfected with water, the humidity increased. Before and after processing and production, the workshop production equipment, facilities, floors, walls and ceilings will be cleaned and disinfected with water or disinfectants. Some enterprises use high-pressure water guns to wash processing equipment or the ground and walls, which will cause secondary pollution, making the workshop ceiling high humidity as a hiding place for dirt. Therefore, after cleaning and disinfection, the dehumidifier must be kept running to keep the workshop dry

5. A large amount of water vapor is brought into the hand wash basin and foot wash basin, resulting in high humidity. Because the water pressure of the tap is too high, the staff splashes everywhere when washing their hands or throws water everywhere after washing their hands irregularly, which also easily leads to high humidity near the wash basin in the changing room; In the past, it was required that a large amount of water could easily be brought into the workshop by the sole of the foot washing pool at the last step of entering the inner compartment, resulting in high humidity. It is recommended to cancel the foot washing pool and change and wash the special work shoes every day

Recently, the rainfall has increased, and the air humidity in various places has increased. Some manufacturers have even found that there are water droplets on the walls, glass and equipment of the workshop. In severe cases, the workshop will produce a strong smell of mildew and the products will grow mildew. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of products and reduce mildew and deterioration, Xiaobian suggests that we make good use of the air conditioning dehumidification function and dehumidifier to strictly ensure that the relative humidity of the baking food workshop is below 50%, especially in the plum rain season. Above about dehumidifier in food factory workshop, 1000m ² All contents of the dehumidification plan for the food workshop are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only