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Hangzhou dehumidifier manufacturers and dehumidifier manufacturers News It is learned that many purchasers like to consider local or nearby suppliers when purchasing dehumidifiers, because they feel t...

Hangzhou dehumidifier manufacturers and dehumidifier manufacturers News It is learned that many purchasers like to consider local or nearby suppliers when purchasing dehumidifiers, because they feel that the nearby dehumidifier manufacturers spend less time in the transportation process, and when there is a problem with the dehumidifier equipment, the dehumidifier manufacturers can deal with it more quickly, Even if a part needs to be replaced, it won't take too long. However, they may not know which nearby dehumidifier manufacturer has good dehumidifier equipment, so Xiaobian plans to recommend a Hangzhou dehumidifier manufacturer for everyone first

The selection of dehumidifier manufacturers or dehumidifier equipment is mainly about quality and performance. There are many standards for performance that can be referred to; Therefore, you can know the standards that the industry needs to meet in advance. If you have doubts about the performance of the dehumidifier equipment, you can go to the designated third-party organization for testing, and then provide the corresponding test report

In terms of the quality of dehumidifier equipment, although many manufacturers said how good their dehumidifier equipment was when they publicized and consulted, the actual situation may be far from their own publicity. For example, some manufacturers say that the quality of their dehumidifier equipment is comparable to that of imported dehumidifier equipment, but it may not be long before they start to break down when they actually use it, and they still constantly shirk their responsibility when they ask the manufacturer to come to their home to solve the problem

The quality of the dehumidifier mainly depends on the accessories, control system and production technology. If you don't have a special understanding, the technicians can negotiate with the manufacturer. Of course, it can also remove the on-site inspection of the manufacturer of the dehumidifier, so that the manufacturer can introduce the advantages of its dehumidifier equipment, and can operate it if possible

When it comes to selecting dehumidifiers, many users first want to know the list of accessories for dehumidifiers. In fact, this is a very important factor that can determine the quality of dehumidifiers. However, it should be noted that the accessories used by the manufacturer are the same as those in the parts list? If the manufacturer replaces some inconspicuous small parts, the cost incurred in the production of the dehumidifier can be reduced, but the quality of the dehumidifier will also be affected, so we must pay more attention

Although many domestic manufacturers of dehumidifiers have confused the selection of procurement, there are also some high-quality manufacturers of dehumidifiers for everyone to choose from. For example, the dehumidifiers produced by the electrical appliances that occupy a certain position in the market by virtue of product quality can not only meet the requirements of national standards, but also meet the more stringent European standards, but this is mainly determined according to the needs of users

Electrical appliances, a domestic manufacturer of dehumidifiers in Hangzhou, was established in 2006. Although some domestic manufacturers of dehumidifiers were established earlier than electrical appliances, their early establishment of several years does not represent anything, because many manufacturers of dehumidifiers have not paid attention to the R&D and innovation of dehumidifiers since their establishment. Even if their own research and development of dehumidifiers is suitable for the cooperation of a university, But it is very likely that it has always been a pseudonym

Technical parameters and model selection reference of PD series household full-automatic dehumidifier&industrial intelligent dehumidifier:

Hangzhou dehumidifier manufacturer

Product model ------ dehumidification capacity ------ applicable area ------ power ------ power supply ------ circulating air volume ------ net weight

_-- 28(L/D)---30-50(㎡)----420(W)----220V/50Hz---190m ³/ h---15kg

  _-- 58(L/D)---50-80(㎡)----670(W)----220V/50Hz---850m ³/ h---25kg

  _--- 90(L/D)---90-120(㎡)---1700(W)---220V/50Hz---1125m ³/ h--50kg

  _-- 138(L/D)--130-180(㎡)--2000(W)--220V/50Hz--1725m ³/ h--55kg

  _-- 168(L/D)--180-230(㎡)--2800(W)--380V/50Hz--2100m ³/ h--120kg

  _-- 240(L/D)--240-350(㎡)--4900(W)--380V/50Hz--3000m ³/ h--160kg

  _-- 360(L/D)--360-450(㎡)--7000(W)--380V/50Hz--4500m ³/ h--200kg

  _-- 480(L/D)--500-700(㎡)--9900(W)--380V/50Hz--6000m ³/ h--230kg

[Requirements for dehumidifier leasing business] The lease starting conditions for dehumidifiers are: the number of leased dehumidifiers ≥ 5, and the lease term ≥ 30 days

[Dehumidifier rental charging standard] 80-150 yuan/set/day (the price can be determined according to the rental model, rental quantity and rental days)

◎ Precautions for model selection -- The dehumidification capacity and model of dehumidifier are scientifically calculated mainly according to the volume of the used environment space, the size of fresh air volume, the humidity requirements required by the space environment and other specific values. In addition, it should be noted that the relative humidity of the environment is related to the temperature of the environment. The higher the temperature is, the faster the humidity will evaporate. On the contrary, the worse the effect will be. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, you need to select the type under the guidance of professionals, so that you can select the dehumidifier that is most suitable for you

Finally, we need to pay attention to the after-sales service provided by the dehumidifier manufacturer. Although it is more important to improve product quality than perfect after-sales service, there are still many unreliable dehumidifiers in China, so we must pay more attention to this. Because many manufacturers have a set of positive and negative services. The positive ones are mainly in the process of pre-sales and sales. The services they provide are very perfect and take care of every aspect of purchasing. However, after the purchaser has provided the final payment for the dehumidifier equipment, you may call to inquire about the problems in the use of the dehumidifier equipment. What you get is that the dehumidifier manufacturer is constantly delaying or shirking the responsibility. You don't know how to deal with the problems of the dehumidifier equipment, so you can't continue to use this dehumidifier equipment for dehumidification, so you must pay more attention

Core tips: There is no accurate answer to the quality of dehumidifier manufacturers, because there are many manufacturers of dehumidifiers at home and abroad engaged in this field, and each of them will say that they are the best brand in China, and that the performance, quality and after-sales service of the dehumidifier equipment they sell are very reliable, but whether it is as they say it is still up to the users to judge. However, if the wet machine equipment is not removed during judgment and selection, it is very easy to be led by the manufacturer; Therefore, it is necessary for you to know what needs to be paid attention to in the selection process before you buy a dehumidifier. All the above news reports about Hangzhou dehumidifier manufacturers and dehumidifier manufacturers are provided by Zhengdao Electric, for your reference only