What happens when winter comes and thick clothes don't dry in the sun

The weather is getting colder and many people are choosing to wear fall coats and pants. There is a saying that if you dont wear a fall jacket and pants, you are disrespecting the cold weather. When ...
Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

Household Dehumidifier_161 Series

The weather is getting colder and many people are choosing to wear fall coats and pants. There is a saying that if you don't wear a fall jacket and pants, you are disrespecting the cold weather. When the weather gets cold, the fall coat and pants are put on, but washing becomes a problem. After all, the colder the day, the weaker the sun, washed clothes did not receive the sun to dry, always feel clothes are not dry, especially like the fall coat fall pants this relatively thick clothing. Drying clothes depends on the weather, but what if the weather doesn't cooperate? Many people will say, washing machine drying, and even some people will use a special dryer. Washing machine drying is dehydrated clothes, it is impossible to say that immediately after dehydration can be put on, at least to dry, but still lack of a flavor of the sun; dryer drying clothes, seems to be more of a baked flavor, after all, the dryer on the clothes is damaged, especially many special material clothing, heating will be direct damage to clothing. In the face of these problems, in fact, the most ideal method is to choose the home dehumidifier to dry clothes. At this point, some people will say, can use air conditioning, why waste money to buy dehumidifier? In fact, this idea is wrong. Because, the principle of dehumidification of air conditioning and dehumidifier is completely different. The use of air conditioning to blow dry clothes, air conditioning on heating mode, no one should have the option of turning on the cooling mode in winter. When the heating mode is running, the indoor unit's air temperature is higher, and the water inside the clothes will be evaporated at a higher temperature, so the air conditioner's dry clothes are evaporated by high temperature water, and this way consumes relatively more energy. The main function of the dehumidifier is moisture control, dry clothes is only one of the auxiliary functions. The working principle of household dehumidifier is: the use of fans will be humid air pumped into the machine inside, after the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, cold skeptic) under the action of refrigeration, air contact with the cold condensing piece, immediately condensation reaction occurs, the formation of small water droplets, into the water tank, and finally the dry air discharged to reduce the environmental humidity purpose. By changing the humidity in the environment, take away the water in the clothes, so that the damage to the clothes is basically zero. The colder the weather, the weaker the sun, want to rely on the sun to dry clothes, often need a long time, and, the temperature difference between the morning and evening, heavy moisture, the clothes will have moisture back. Therefore, the home configuration of a home dehumidifier, so that fast dry clothes become a possibility. parkoo dehumidifier, focusing on the research and development of dehumidifier, continue to explore a variety of technologies to enhance the efficiency of dehumidification, and constantly upgrading the product, the use of covering a variety of fields, to provide customers with more satisfactory products. In winter, turn on the BIOT home dehumidifier, turn on the dry clothes function, without realizing it, the clothes are already dry. At the same time, the air in the home environment has been purified, air humidity has been adjusted, creating a dry and comfortable home environment.


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