August 18,2023

Six Manifestations of Heavy Moisture in the Body

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In summer, there is a lot of moisture in the human body, and the appearance of moisture is very detrimental to human health. There are many reasons for moisture, usually due to long-term consumption of cold drinks and frequent consumption of raw and cold fruits and vegetables, which can damage the body's yang qi. Do you know how many levels of moisture are present in the human body? Quickly follow the editor to see which level you belong to

The human body has a regulatory function for external temperature and temperature changes, but some people's physique does not have such characteristics. Some people, due to their physique, illness, or poor lifestyle habits, have an imbalance in the body's water regulation system, which prevents water from being discharged, thus affecting their health

The human body has a regulatory function for external temperature and temperature changes

The manifestation of body dampness

Among the six pathogenic factors of wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire, traditional Chinese medicine is the most afraid of dampness.

. Cold and heat are both easy to handle, cold is warm, and heat is cold; When there is wind, we drive it away, when there is dryness, we moisten it, and when there is heat, we clear it. Using the method of dryness and dampness, it is highly likely to damage the body fluid, and dampness pathogens cannot be eliminated. Therefore, in traditional Chinese medicine, besides dryness and dampness, there are also methods such as promoting dampness, resolving dampness, and penetrating dampness to deal with dampness pathogens. Dampness is the easiest to penetrate. Always collude with other evil spirits. When dampness meets cold, it becomes cold and damp, when dampness meets heat, it becomes damp and hot, when dampness meets wind, it becomes rheumatism, and when dampness is under the skin, it forms obesity... Why are modern diseases so complex and difficult to treat? Because they have dampness inside their bodies, the evil energy outside always mixes with the dampness inside and outside, intertwined! How can one determine if one's body is wet

The most convenient way is to look at the stool: If the stool is not formed and the stool is loose for a long time, there will inevitably be dampness in the body. If the stool is formed, but after the stool is finished, there will always be some sticking to the toilet, which is difficult to flush down. This is also a manifestation of dampness in the body, because moisture has the characteristic of being sticky

Some people have constipation, and the stool is not formed, which indicates that the moisture in your body is already heavy. If you don't observe the stool, you can also look at your tongue. If the yellow color is greasy, it is a sign of dampness in your body. The more yellow or greasy it is, the more severe the dampness

Some people feel very sleepy every morning when they should wake up at 7 o'clock, feeling that there is something wrapped around their head that makes them unable to concentrate, or that there is something wrapped around their body that makes them lazy to move, which can also indicate that their body is heavily damp. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that "dampness is as heavy as wrapping", and the feeling of being wrapped is the body's feeling of moisture, as if wearing a washed but not dried shirt is so uncomfortable

First grade cold and dampness: on the epidermis

Symptoms: itching of the skin, eczema → (Moxibustion more than 7 times has a significant effect)

Secondary cold and dampness: In muscles

Symptoms: soreness, drowsiness, fatigue, such as shoulder and neck hypertrophy, soreness, low back soreness, and joint soreness → (Moxibustion more than 30 times has a significant effect)

Third level cold and dampness: in the skeleton, which is bone cold and dampness

Symptoms: periarthritis of the shoulder, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, stiffness, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and joint pain due to weather changes → (Moxibustion for more than 40 times has a significant effect)

Fourth level cold and dampness: in the organs

(uterus, ovaries, stomach, lungs).

Treat winter diseases in summer, and the best season for health preservation is summer. If you miss one summer, wait another year → (moxibustion for more than 60 days can improve)

Level 5 Cold and Dampness: On the body

(tumor) has been cut and grown, and then cut.