Horizontal heating dehumidifier, the drying room does not occupy land for heating and moisture removal

It is well known that the horizontal heating dehumidifier does not occupy much space for heating and

It is well known that the horizontal heating dehumidifier does not occupy much space for heating and moisture removal in the drying room. Some foods that people usually eat or medicinal materials that need to be used in traditional Chinese medicine often need to be dried for better consumption, use and storage. For example, dried noodles, bacon, dried fish, honeysuckle, roses, chrysanthemums and various preserved fruits such as persimmons, raisins, etc. And it is precisely because the demand for these materials in the whole society is growing, so the drying industry has begun to gain more and more attention

The common traditional drying methods are air drying or air drying and boiler baking. The effects of these two methods are not bad, but because the food materials directly contact with the outside world during the drying process, once encountering sandstorm weather, they are vulnerable to secondary pollution. In addition, these two methods are greatly affected by the weather. Neither of them can realize the drying process in rainy or snowy days, which has great limitations and cannot be used as a long-term and stable drying option. The boiler is used for baking, and the temperature is not easy to control, which may lead to excessive baking or unqualified baking. The drying of different materials or products also has different drying requirements, and the drying temperature and humidity required are quite different

Horizontal heating dehumidifier, the drying room does not occupy land for heating and moisture removal

Without considering the drying quality, the higher the temperature of the drying room is, the faster the water evaporates, and the faster the drying speed is, within the temperature range that can be withstood. In fact, during the drying process of different materials or products in the drying room, there is a need to pay attention to how high the temperature is used in different time periods. The higher the temperature in the drying room, the faster the drying speed is indeed. However, the drying quality cannot be effectively controlled, and it is easy to cause safety accidents! Therefore, for the drying of general materials or products, it is appropriate for the drying room to maintain a constant temperature between 50-55 ℃

Many workers in the drying industry must have a deep feeling about the humidity control of the drying room - too difficult! The difficulty lies not in forcing out the water in different materials or products, but in the inability to drain the water at low cost. Those who have known about the traditional drying project will know that its moisture removal method is simple and extensive "direct discharge" - direct discharge of heat and steam from the drying room. This method is indeed effective, but it also consumes huge amounts of heat

The traditional drying room is usually heated by burning coal, fuel oil and firewood or by electric heating. Because only temperature regulation can be carried out, moisture is discharged in the whole drying process or manually, which also takes away the heat in the drying room, resulting in a waste of energy. In addition, personnel are required to open the humidity drainage window on time or by experience, so additional labor is added, and human control is quite arbitrary, It can not ensure that the humidity in the drying room is eliminated in time, which leads to a great discount between the drying efficiency of the drying room and the quality of the products after drying

However, as long as_ GW horizontal heating dehumidifier and PD series heating heating drying dehumidifier can help you solve this problem; Not only can the moisture in the drying room be quickly removed, the humidity in the drying room can be effectively controlled during the whole drying process, but also the corresponding power of electric heating can be selected to assist in temperature rise, thus greatly speeding up the drying speed, effectively improving the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality! Now, it has become the most simple and effective way to remove moisture in more and more drying rooms

Note: the working environment temperature is required to be 5-55 ℃; High inlet air temperature ≤ 55 ℃ Product model dehumidification capacity (l/d) Power (w) Air volume (m ³/ h) Size of power supply (V/Hz) (mm)_ GW 168 2800 2100 380/50 605*410*1650 _ GW 240 4900 3000 380/50 770*470*1650 _ GW 360 7000 4500 380/50 1240*460*1700 _ GW 480 9900 6000 380/50 1240 * 460 * 1750 compressor High temperature resistant scroll compressor Non standard customized pipeline&ceiling type

dryer dehumidifier model selection: select the appropriate model according to the overall wet load of the actual drying room, specifically according to its area and floor height, As well as evaporation capacity of drying water, initial humidity value, target humidity value, indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors to calculate the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity per unit time and other key data, then the required model can be correctly selected. If you want to know more about the horizontal heating dehumidifier, the details of the drying room's heating and dehumidification do not cover an area: Hangzhou Zhengdao Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd; And use_ After GW horizontal heating dehumidifier and PD series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine, the humidity in the drying room can be rapidly reduced without exhausting heat; Now, it only takes 16 or 12 hours to achieve the original 24-hour drying effect, greatly reducing the operating cost of the drying room. It has been widely used in drying rooms of factories and enterprises all over the country, and its effect has been recognized by all users

To sum up:_ GW horizontal heating type dehumidifier and PD series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated dehumidifier are dehumidifier equipment that adapt to dehumidification in high temperature and high humidity environment by changing the compressor, surface cooler and fan on the basis of ordinary dehumidifier. They can work in the environment of 40-55 ℃ and meet the dehumidification requirements of some drying rooms. It can also be equipped with electric auxiliary heating function to assist in temperature rise. The process of moisture removal does not exhaust hot gas and has less energy loss. Compared with the traditional drying method, it is faster, more energy saving and has better effect. The operating conditions are adjusted according to the temperature and humidity requirements of the environment

No matter what materials or products are used in the drying room_ GW drying room dehumidifier and PD series high-temperature dehumidifier are not subject to weather restrictions, and can be effectively dried 365 days a year. In addition, since materials or products are placed in the drying room to form isolation from the outside world, pollutants are blocked in the drying room, and the purity of the dried products is very high. During the drying process, the humidity in the drying room can be accurately adjusted. The drying efficiency has been greatly improved, but the drying expenses (equipment electricity charges) have also been reduced. One come and two go, which can greatly increase the income of the factory or enterprise. It is also reasonable to be popular. All the above news about the horizontal heating dehumidifier and the drying room heating and dehumidification does not cover an area is provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only