July 01,2023

Grain warehouse humidifier

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

Technical trends of grain warehouse humidifier and grain warehouse humidifier conditioning unit Food has been the livelihood of the people since ancient times. If people leave the food, it is likely to lead to large-scale war and conflict, and finally presents a bleak scene of corpses everywhere. As we all know, food is sown and matured in a specific season, so most of the time, human beings need to store food in warehouses for their use

1. Safe moisture: within a certain temperature range, the moisture that can keep food safely stored can safely pass the summer under normal storage conditions

2. Semi safe moisture: it can only ensure the short-term storage of grain in the low temperature season, but cannot safely spend the summer in the local area

3. Dangerous water: the water that is easy to cause grain heating and mildew is called dangerous water

There is an equilibrium process of mutual adsorption and desorption between grain moisture and air relative humidity. The grain moisture in balance with the relative humidity of the air at that time is called equilibrium moisture

The water score of grain's safe water is different in different environments. For example, when the temperature is 25 ℃ and the relative humidity is 60-70%, the corresponding safe water is 12.2-13.4% for rice and 12.5-14.1% for wheat; When the temperature is 15 ℃ and the relative humidity is 60-70%, the corresponding safe water content is 12.6-13.8% for rice and 13.1-14.5% for wheat

The humidity of grain warehouse will also affect the length and quality of food storage. Different grains have different requirements for humidity

The relative humidity of dry stored grain warehouse should be controlled between 50% - 60%; If it is a warehouse for storing grain such as rice and flour, its relative temperature should be lower

If the relative humidity of the dry storage is too high and the air is too humid, a dehumidification drying device should be installed -- for example_ Grain warehouse dehumidifier and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier

If the relative humidity of the dry storage warehouse is too low and the air is too dry, you need to use humidifying devices -- such as ZS-F9600Z grain warehouse humidifier and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier

In addition, there is another problem in the grain depot, that is, the warehouse is a closed space, which is easy to generate a lot of dust pollution. Maybe the storage of grain itself was not very large before, so people naturally have no time to worry about the problem of dust pollution. However, with the solution of food and clothing, more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality of their lives

Therefore, how to remove the dust in the grain warehouse has become a top priority. In fact, you don't need to worry too much about this problem. Just use an industrial dehumidifier or an industrial humidifier to solve all your worries