July 31,2023

Dehumidifier can prevent various diseases caused by long-term humidity in the home environment

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The humid environment not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also has various diseases, such as arthritis, lumbocrural pain, bronchitis, etc. Effectively handling the humid environment of a home is not only beneficial for physical and mental health, but also increases the comfort of life and increases the lifespan of furniture and household appliances

The climate is humid in summer, especially in the southern part of the rainy season. Humidity often affects the use of household appliances, such as computers and televisions that cannot be turned on, or furniture that is leaking water. In humid environments, clothes or food are easily moldy. What about the dampness at home? Here, Xiao Bian introduced some methods for household dehumidification

Firstly, the best way is not to close the windows and let the wind carry away moisture. It not only moistens the water, but also freshens the air. However, when opening doors and windows, at least when the humidity is not severe. A sunny afternoon is a good time. Temperature and ventilation are both damp. Secondly, some homeowners may choose to use quicklime, lime, and moisture in the air, which can also suppress the chemical effects of moisture. However, due to the strong alkaline nature of quicklime, it can cause a burning sensation if it comes into contact with the skin

In addition, you can also use a dehumidifier, which can accumulate moisture into liquid. Generally speaking, it is a method of ventilation, dehumidification, and power conversion to wind. It can be used together with natural ventilation, with twice the effort. Some families may find moist air eroding walls, penetrating them, and forming a hole in the damp wall, allowing air to flow in. In addition, indoor humidity can be used to make electrical jackets that are not in contact with moisture, and often many electrical appliances can be opened to generate heat and dehumidify