July 14,2023

Commercial kitchen steam removal machine, commercial supermarket catering kitchen steam treatment equipment

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Commercial kitchen steam removal machine. It is well known that the technical trends of steam treatment equipment in commercial supermarkets' catering kitchens are bound to generate a large amount of water vapor during cooking, In relatively small spaces, a large amount of water vapor can easily cause the ground to become slippery and wet with kitchen utensils. Ordinary residents often install fans on kitchen windows or use range hoods to exhaust the steam, which is relatively easy for small-scale households

This is too heavy and expensive for some small-scale catering stores. To this end, a kitchen steam collection and treatment equipment - PD-300D commercial kitchen steam removal machine PD series steam collection and treatment integrated machine has been proposed; This device includes a steam suction section, a condensation section, and a discharge section. When started, strong suction is generated. When a large amount of steam is sucked in, it can quickly cool down and form liquid water after passing through the condensation section, and then flow out through the outlet on the water tray

This way, the steam can be directly disposed of inside the kitchen. This device has a reasonable structure and is easy to remove steam without affecting the public environment. At the same time, it reduces the weight and manufacturing cost of this device. This device avoids the direct discharge of steam into the air, and to some extent recovers and utilizes the heat generated by steam, preserving freshwater resources

PD-300D Commercial Kitchen Steam Removal Machine PD series steam collection and processing all-in-one machine has a significant effect on collecting and processing steam, compared to traditional natural ventilation methods that directly discharge steam into the air, Not only does it save a large amount of freshwater resources, but it also effectively improves work efficiency, while also improving the safety of the work environment and personnel to a certain extent

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