February 09,2023

Underground sewage pump room oil separator room spray deodorizer

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It is well known that in some commercial complexes, a large amount of garbage, sewage and catering wastewater will be produced every day. Due to the large discharge volume and complex and diverse composition, it is difficult to treat and use. If it cannot be treated in time or handled improperly, it will pollute the environment and affect environmental health. For this reason, the corresponding garbage room, sewage pump room and oil separator room are usually built; However, due to the openness and strong volatility of odor sources in these places, the operating environment in these places is very bad, and it will also affect the lives of residents near these places. Therefore, deodorization of these places is imperative

At present, most garbage rooms, sewage pump rooms and oil separator rooms are not deodorized or the deodorization method is improper, which leads to more complaints about odor in these places; It is understood that 99% of the catering wastewater oil separation facilities on the market use the principle of gravity density difference to achieve oil-water separation. In the actual use process, in addition to oil and water, catering wastewater also contains a large number of food residues. After these organic food residues are deposited at the bottom of the oil separator, they will stay for a long time to rot and deteriorate, thus producing a very strong irritating odor. Generally, the odor in the oil separator room of the catering industry comes from the following aspects:

① The organic garbage automatically cleaned into the trash can by the grating machine is corrupt and decomposed to give off odor; ② The organic garbage entering the oil and water separation chamber is rotten and decomposed to give off a peculiar smell; ③ The discharged grease is putrid and decomposed to give off peculiar smell; ④ There is no air duct connected in the equipment room, and there is no air exchange device in the equipment room

The sewage pump room will produce a large amount of malodorous gas during the sewage treatment process, which will affect the surrounding environment and endanger people's physical and mental health. Moreover, since there is sewage flowing through the sewage pump room for a long time, the odor generated by anaerobic fermentation of sewage will be directly discharged from the pump station entrance, seriously polluting the surrounding environment. Some garbage rooms, sewage pump rooms and oil separator rooms will use increased ventilation to lead odor to the roof for emission to reduce the impact of odor on residents. The principle is defined as dilution method in environmental protection. However, high-altitude diffusion will drift with the air flow, and residents will still smell odor from time to time. Therefore, simple high-altitude dilution can not really effectively and completely control and eliminate odor, and will also cause pollution to the atmospheric environment, so it is feasible to find Reliable and energy-saving deodorization treatment process is imperative

At present, the odor removal methods of garbage room, sewage pump room and oil separator room are as follows: 1. Microbial method, adding beneficial microorganisms to garbage, sewage and oily water to inhibit the propagation of harmful microorganisms, reduce the speed and extent of their corruption, and achieve deodorization effect. However, this method requires a large number of beneficial microorganisms, which is costly and slow to achieve results; 2. The exhaust deodorization method is to remove the odor in the garbage room, sewage pump room and oil separator room through the exhaust fan, and then put it into the aqueous solution containing chemical deodorant for treatment. This method is effective only in a relatively closed environment, and the operation of high-power exhaust fan will produce noise pollution. 3. Use deodorant to carry out spray deodorization for garbage room, sewage pump room and oil separator room workshop, so as to kill or inhibit the propagation of harmful bacteria, and decompose the chemical components in the odor, so as to achieve disinfection, sterilization and deodorization

Deodorization device in oil separator room of underground sewage pump room--_ Ultrasonic spray deodorizer can automatically deodorize hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, toilets and other spaces by injecting neutral deodorant, automatically disinfect indoor by injecting neutral disinfectant, and automatically humidify the air in places by injecting tap water

◎ Efficient deodorization: atomize the concentrated liquid used for deodorization into a gas state, so that it can be fully mixed with odor molecules, so as to play an efficient role in deodorization and odor removal

◎ Sterilization and mosquito control: natural plant liquid can be sprayed regularly not only to deodorize and remove odor, but also to sterilize and kill mosquitoes and clean the air, greatly reducing the use cost and maintenance cost

◎ Cost saving: the main component of fog is water, with low cost; Add a little deodorant concentrate, and the ultrasonic atomization technology will give full play to the activity of the concentrate

◎ Ultrafine fog drops: the fog drops after ultrasonic treatment are extremely dense, so the surface activity is strong and the adsorption force is large, which makes the plant liquid have a good effect on the encapsulation reaction of odor molecules

◎ Labor saving: After adding the concentrated solution for deodorization and odor removal once, it can automatically complete spray deodorization and odor removal without taking care for half a month or one month

Deodorization device in oil separator room of underground sewage pump room--_ The ultrasonic spray deodorizer is controlled by a digital time sequence controller in an automatic cycle control mode. The automatic cycle control cycle is from one second to ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds. The working time and stop time can be set at will. After setting, it can work continuously without the need for personnel; It is equipped with a self-contained water tank with a water capacity of 5.5kg. The upper end of the water tank is connected with a water inlet, and the lower end is equipped with a water drain switch, which is easy to operate and maintain! Welcome to consult the details of the spray deodorizer in the oil separator room of the underground sewage pump room

Deodorization device for oil separator room of underground sewage pump room--_ Control mode and technical parameters of ultrasonic spray deodorizer:

Deodorization device in oil separator room of underground sewage pump room--_ The ultrasonic spray deodorization cabinet body is made of all stainless steel, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which not only ensures a beautiful appearance but also meets the requirements of equipment anti-corrosion. The six vibrator integrated atomization component is adopted internally, and the water free protection device is equipped. The diameter of the generated fog particles is only less than 10 μ m. The particles are uniform and can be suspended in the air for a long time. According to actual needs, PVC pipes with a diameter of Ф 75mm can be connected, and the transmission distance can be about 5-8m

To sum up, spray deodorization is a method widely used for deodorization in garbage room, sewage pump room and oil separator room in many places at present. However, due to the different composition of deodorant and the spray process of spray equipment, the disinfection and deodorization effect varies greatly, and the customer's use effect is mixed, affecting the further promotion and application of this method. Most of the existing spray deodorization equipment generally uses high-pressure atomization to automatically mix deodorant with water, and then atomizes into water mist particles through high-pressure atomization, contacts with space odor molecules, fully reacts, decomposes odor molecules, thus eliminating space odor, and has space humidification and dust reduction functions. However, this process has the following defects: the atomized droplet size is large, which will affect passers-by in public places, the specific surface area is small, and it cannot fully contact and react with ozone molecules. At the same time, there are also problems such as complex and inconvenient operation

The deodorization device in the oil separator room of the underground sewage pump room is used--_ The ultrasonic spray deodorizer is added with natural plant liquid deodorant, which is atomized into 1-5 micron ultrafine particles in aerosol state through ultrasonic atomization technology. The effective molecules after atomization are evenly distributed in the space of garbage room, sewage pump room and oil separator room. The small droplets have large specific surface area and specific surface energy, and the specific surface can not only quickly and effectively absorb, decompose and degrade odor molecules in the air, So as to achieve better disinfection, sterilization and deodorization effects. All the above information about the spray deodorizer in the oil separator room of the underground sewage pump room is provided by the electric appliance for your reference