August 03,2023

Humidifier and Dehumidifier- what can alleviate your asthma symptoms-

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If you are one of millions suffering from asthma, you may consider using a humidifier or dehumidifier to help alleviate some weak and annoying symptoms Asthma symptoms may be caused by high or low humidity. Depending on the air quality in the home, a dehumidifier or humidifier can help stabilize the humidity of the air, thereby improving allergy symptoms

When to use a humidifier

Asthma symptoms may occur due to dry air.

. Dry air can stimulate the air channels and nerves in the lungs, leading to inflammation and airway restrictions related to asthma The humidifier adds moisture to the air until the humidity reaches a healthy level. Breathing moist air can help soothe the airways and reduce the chance of asthma attacks The humidity level at home should average around 40-50%. If your level of proficiency is very low, you may need a humidifier

When to need a dehumidifier

Moisture in the air helps asthma patients breathe more easily; However, excessive humidity (over 50%) can also pose a threat to your health A high humidity environment creates an environment suitable for molds, and mold is a high trigger factor for asthma attacks. The function of the Dehumidifier is to absorb the excess water in the air of the home and reduce the surface where mold may grow Overall, controlling humidity levels at home is a good way to prevent asthma attacks