January 05,2023

Humidifier for textile industry keeps humidity -online- all the time

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The humidifier in the textile industry keeps humidity "online": as we all know, once the humidity in the textile factory workshop is too low, it will appear very dry, which will easily lead to flying flowers, broken ends, wool and other problems, affecting the normal operation of the textile workshop, increasing the rate of defective products and reducing the output. To this end, many workshops will install industrial humidifiers to increase humidity, eliminate static electricity flying, improve the workshop environment, with high staff efficiency and good product quality

The textile mill needs to use professional constant temperature and humidity equipment to achieve constant temperature and humidity. For example, the industrial humidifier is required to maintain the workshop humidity between 55-75% RH, so as to achieve the so-called constant humidity, and has a certain regulatory effect on the workshop temperature

The emergence of static electricity may be the main problem in any textile factory when processing textiles, and it is directly related to the relative humidity level. The electrical sensitivity to determine whether static electricity will occur depends on the moisture content of the air and fibers. As fibers lose moisture, they increase resistance. This means that they can no longer easily dissipate the electrical charge generated by contact with mechanical friction

In textile production equipment with low humidity, although the current is low, extremely high voltage will be generated. If you are shocked, it is not only very uncomfortable, but also may cause people to jump and fall, which is a great danger when working near textile machinery. Electrostatic discharge also brings direct health risks to people with weak hearts or pacemakers

In addition to the personal danger to employees, the accumulation of static electricity will also cause materials to stick together and be difficult to manage. In turn, this will slow down the machine and directly affect the production schedule. Moreover, since most machines are now controlled by microprocessors, uncontrolled discharge at the wrong location will damage the electronic equipment of the equipment, resulting in expensive maintenance costs and a large amount of downtime. By keeping the humidity above 50% RH, static accumulation can be eliminated and all these related problems can be avoided

The most effective way to humidify the textile mill is to use the humidifying system, such as ZS-F4800Z textile industrial humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier, which is easy to install and operate, and the rapid humidifying can reach more than 99% RH, and the diameter of fog particles is 1-5 μ m. It can evaporate rapidly to raise the humidity to the required level. It also provides very reliable and accurate humidity control. The machine is flexible and easy to locate, so as to realize easy humidification in all directions and humidification in textile manufacturing area

[Product weight] can prevent moisture loss in textile processing and storage, which will reduce the weight loss from the common 4% to 0.5%

[Yarn quality] Accurate humidification can maintain the strength and elasticity of yarn, so as to produce better products; And the reduction of off-line also reduces waste

[Electrostatic control] The static electricity generated by wool and dust will lead to the reduction of production and quality, the stagnation of the machine, the discomfort of employees, and even the occurrence of accidents. Increasing humidity can naturally eliminate static electricity and alleviate the above problems

[Textile efficiency] Reasonable humidification can reduce spinning thread breakage, machine failure rate, and breakpoints and knots in finished products

[Staff health] The humidifier can provide 5-10 ° C cooling for the textile production workshop, while inhibiting dust, fugitive dust and wool. This will provide a healthier and more efficient environment for employees

ZS-F4800Z textile industrial humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier products use the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to achieve the purpose of uniform humidification; With air humidification, purification, anti-static and dust prevention, cooling, dust reduction and other purposes; For humidifiers of other humidification methods, it has the obvious advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency], and [fast humidification speed]: it can not only uniformly humidify a larger space, but also locally compensate for humidity in a special space, with high flexibility. Welcome to inquire the details of the textile industry humidifier to keep the humidity "online" at all times

ZS-F4800Z textile industrial humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier control mode, technical parameters:

Product model -------------- Humidification capacity ---- Power (220V) ------ Host size ------------ Fog outlet

  ZS-10/ZS-10Z--------3KG/H----200(W)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-20/ZS-20Z--------6KG/H----400(W)---530 × two hundred and fifty × 400(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-30/ZS-30Z--------9KG/H----600(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  _/_-------- 12KG/H---700(W)---630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎1 × 110mm

  ZS-60/ZS-60Z--------18KG/H---1050(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-80/ZS-80Z--------24KG/H---1200(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎2 × 110mm

  ZS-100/ZS-100Z------30KG/H---1400(W)--630 × three hundred and twenty × 480(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F3600/ZS-F3600Z--36KG/H---1550(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎3 × 110mm

  ZS-F4200/ZS-F4200Z--42KG/H---1750(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

  ZS-F4800/ZS-F4800Z--48KG/H---2100(W)--710 × four hundred × 360(mm)--◎4 × 110mm

◎ Model selection reference: there are many factors to be considered in the selection of humidifiers, such as the volume of indoor space, ambient temperature, equipment heat, ventilation, and air conditioning exhaust, which will affect the humidity of the indoor environment and the humidification effect. In general, a certain margin should be left when calculating the humidification amount, that is, the corresponding humidification amount should be increased, Moreover, the required humidification amount and corresponding humidifier model in the space shall be comprehensively calculated from low humidity humidification to ideal humidity range. Check more textile industrial humidifiers and keep the humidity "online" all the time: Hangzhou Parkoo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

To sum up, ZS-F4800Z textile industrial humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier are used in different industrial workshops, with many types and different prices. So many people do not know how much an industrial humidifier costs. In fact, industrial humidifiers have different power, different occasions of use, different accessories, and different prices. Therefore, the price is uncertain. The electrical appliances will formulate a humidification scheme according to the parameters provided by the customer and make a quotation. On the whole, the humidification effect is good, the price is low, and the cost performance is high

In fact, the more expensive the humidifier in the textile industry is, the better. You can't buy cheap humidifiers. Only those suitable for your own textile factory can be used. Generally, it is based on the comprehensive consideration of spray volume, humidification efficiency, power consumption, stability, price, after-sales maintenance, etc. ZS-F4800Z textile industrial humidifier and ZS series intelligent spray humidifier have good humidification effect, long service life, low energy consumption, low price, less maintenance, perfect after-sales, and are trustworthy. All the above technical trends about keeping humidity "online" for textile industry humidifiers are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only