August 11,2023

How to use humidifiers reasonably and healthily- What to pay attention to

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Long term indoor air conditioning can easily cause dry air, and people usually use humidifiers. How to use a humidifier to achieve the effect of increasing air humidity, and what are the hazards during use? In order to facilitate a better understanding of humidifiers, let's first popularize the working principles of humidifiers for everyone

Currently, there are two main principles of humidifiers on the market: first, ultrasonic humidifiers; 2、 Cold evaporative humidifier Ultrasonic type: Utilizing high-frequency oscillations of 2 million times per second, water is atomized into ultrafine particles ranging from 1 micrometer to 5 micrometers, and the water mist is diffused into the air through a pneumatic device Although it may sound particularly high-end, in reality, this type of humidifier is cheap and has a large sales volume. But Chinese tap water often contains many minerals, such as calcium ions, carbonate ions, and so on. That is to say, these substances will diffuse into the air with the small liquid, and become small floating particles with the Redox. The final result is that the humidity of the air increases, but the PM 2.5 value also increases immediately. A lot of "white powder" is often seen on the desktop around the humidifier, which is the mineral that comes out of the tap water

Cold steaming method: Water directly adsorbs on honeycomb shaped absorbent paper, allowing air flow to drive it to evaporate. The remaining minerals stay on the absorbent paper. Due to the wind carrying air through the moist absorbent paper, some easily soluble PM2.5 will be left on the absorbent paper, so the indoor PM 2.5 concentration will also slightly decrease In addition, this type of humidifier has lower noise compared to ultrasonic humidifiers due to its lack of vibration. However, compared to the price of tens of yuan, the price of a cold evaporative humidifier often needs to be added to zero at the end

Seeing this, those who pay attention to health preservation may immediately throw away the cheap goods when they go home, but let me say a few words first. For ultrasonic humidifiers, do not use tap water directly. Choosing pure water as the water source can solve health problems. And users who have purchased the cold evaporation type should not be happy, as the absorbent paper is damp for a long time and can also breed bacteria and affect their health if replaced irregularly

However, we often see many such tricks in our life, such as adding a few drops of vinegar to the sink can sterilize, adding a few drops of essential oil can help us sleep, and adding a few drops of Fengyou essence can relieve nasal congestion. But Lao Yang can responsibly tell you that all of the above are rumors

Our respiratory system is used to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen in the human body.

. There is no function of the digestive system to absorb other substances. The added vinegar and essential oil can not be absorbed through the respiratory system, but will stimulate the respiratory tract and induce Respiratory disease. The ultimate culprit in the reported deaths of a large number of pregnant women in South Korea was the addition of disinfectants and disinfectants to humidifiers by hospitals

So, after all this, what should we pay attention to when choosing a humidifier?

1. Humidification capacity: All humidifiers will have a rated humidification capacity, which is the number of milliliters of water that can be atomized per hour, and the applicable humidification area will also be indicated. For example, a 200ml/h humidifier is generally suitable for rooms ranging from 25 to 30 square meters 2. Noise: This is mainly found on ultrasonic humidifiers. Due to the reduced adaptability to air humidity during sleep, it is recommended to choose quieter ones to prevent affecting sleep quality 3. Humidity control: It is best to have this function. Whether it is temperature or humidity, the human body has a relatively comfortable range, and if it exceeds the range, it will feel uncomfortable whether it is high or low Finally, what should we pay attention to when using a humidifier 1. Water source: Try to use pure water for humidification, especially ultrasonic humidifiers 2. Additives: Do not add vinegar, fungicides, or other products to the humidifier 3. Cleaning: Regularly clean the humidifier, otherwise bacteria can breed and cause illness